kurulus osman season 1 episode 1
Kuruluş Osman Season 1

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 01

This is the episode 1 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu subtitles. God is greatest! God is the one! God is greatest! God is the one! An iron is whipped and is a present for Ypres wedding in Bamsy Bay. This will be by tomorrow evening. I always keep my word. During those years … Othman and Ibaris grew up and became brothers. We are on the same path that you and my parents, Ertugrul Bey, led us to take. Thanks my lord and I see these days … Mashallah on my brave. Do you think Ertugrul Bey will return from Konya with good news? Does the Sultan accept his offer? We lit this stove fire in Malazgirt with our ancestor Alparslan, Bamsi Bey. We have always stood against the unbelievers. We have constantly fought to call these countries “our home”.

Now we’re going to turn this flower into sycamore maple. The swarming of the Alps, the glorious Khatun, will light a new country fire under this sycamore. We will use this fire to turn enemies into pieces. Whatever the news from Konya … I’ll never drop my father’s flag on the floor. I hope to experience rap and my children will fight to carry this blessed flag all over the world. God willing, to my courage, I could die in peace when I heard these words. Apparently, the Ertugrul Bey stove is already burning.

My father Suleiman Wah was the same. Look at this disease while I already carry the weight of your Artegrel on my shoulder, Hatton. Hard stones are dusted off. You are your dundar. EvelAllah, you can be successful in anything. Everyone looks, my brother, Ertugrul sees it. We are now collecting the seeds that were sown 25 years ago. This agreement will bring peace, Khatun. Don’t underestimate yourself, Diindar Bey. The road is not taken by passengers, but by companions. What would happen if you did the same to Gundogdu and Sungurtekin Bey? You gave your shoulders so Artgrel built up your command. May everyone have the power. But you are the only one who has the strength and the talent. You talk about peace, but snakes are there and are afraid of peace. You have to be careful. The password for this episode is in the name of God.

I testify to God that I burned these snakes alive. I promised my brother Ertugrul that I would. Let’s not keep Takfour waiting. I wanted to get your approval before going to the castle, papa. Son … your father always prays for you. You mustn’t trust unbelievers. be careful. OKAY? Don’t worry papa. I am the son of Bamsi Al-Babasi. Enemies know they will suffer. Am Yifullah Yifullah. Know that courage is not a shield for tricks. You have to be vigilant. One must feel the arrival of the wicked. Who can feel it, papa? Can Io, my son.

See, it’s a word from Oguz’s ancestors. If something bad happened to Oguz (the Turks), it was because he was sleeping. The brave who never sleep feel it, my son. Some of them sleep standing up, but Bayes on alert in their sleep can feel it, son. I think you missed O Artgrel Ghazi, my father? Ertugrul Bay, no brown. The eyes lack what they cannot see. Son, I see my country, Ertugrul Bey in Othman. Every look from him, every behaviour reminds me of him. Some of them see it, some don’t. I hope you are the one you see Look, my son, this is not advice from a father, but advice from ancestors. You will be with Osman as you were with Ertugrul Bey all along. Khatun, should we take Turkmen carpets with us? I knew you wanted her, Gunduz Bey. I have prepared them. Allah Hatun.

Of course it does. He wants to show everyone his strength. With Allah’s approval we will be strong. This is a spell that will protect my beloved husband. As long as you are by my side no one can hurt me. I am a happy man. Ni should be careful just in case. The stars worried me last night. You could tell me I wasn’t worried about anything, but still … don’t worry about Sophia. The great warrior leader Kalanos protects me. Scales are coming, sir. Takfoor Hazertlin! Welcome to Diindar Bey. Thank you Tekfur Yorgopolos. Princess Sophia. Welcome, brave Kai women. You honored our castle.

This honor is ours, princess. I wish your Artgrel was with us. We owe him that joy. Our piece is about to start! Artgrel! If you want me, Tekfur, here I am. I am not afraid of you and I am not afraid. Let’s get this over with. Enough! I want this war to end! The password for this episode is in the name of God. I want trust between us. I want my people to live in peace! Long life! Long life! We wanted to fight to the last drop of our blood, and now it was time for peace. Then we will make peace with my brother Dindar. We’ll be celebrating this agreement with a festival when I get back from Konya. Tekfur Yorgopolos, you are an honest man.

You are wise When it comes to Ertugrul Bey … When it comes to Ertugrul Bey … Bitinya knows his bravery. He feeds the hungry, saves the debtors. He doesn’t care if he’s a Muslim or not, he protects. The friendship of Erturul Ghazi and his children is brave, but their hostility is overwhelming. Protect Takfour! Line! It is treason! Your castle, your soldiers! How do you allow that ?! Who are you dog Who are you? Talk! Stop! Finish it! ueiuso Evil is a brother everywhere. everyone is fine Thank you Osman. If we don’t know who is behind these verses, we are forbidden to sleep. Even if it wasn’t today, one day they’ll shoot down their target.

Do you know how I stayed strong in this rough border called Petenya, Husamuddin Effendi? I always smell. Both good and bad have scents. You can be good or bad. You must have a fragrance. Tell me now. Qais went to the castle, I have to go with you. Apparently they will agree to Tekfur. Do you think Takfour will accept the terms? They set off with presents. Rams prepares for the oath. I am here pencil and paper! Without me this agreement would mean nothing. It will decrease the value of the new bazaar. If they agree, the Sogut bazaar will be more valuable. Apparently the stocks are steepening. You forgot something. The scales weigh the other side weaker than the pan I’m in. Zihari Khatun. I am upset about the accident. It won’t be enough how many times I will say that I am sorry.

Korolus Osman 1 – Episode 1 Watch episode 1 of Korulus Osman with Urdu subtitles.
The first episode 1 with UrdWatch, the first episode of the new series, Kurulus Osman Season, with the translation, Korulus Osman on ATV screens, the television series Osman Foundation, whose first episode captured the audience on the screen, was greatly appreciated. In the foundation’s first episode, Osman, an esoteric structure disrupted by takfir’s close relationship with the Turks, presses the button to perform a bloody operation. What happened is the beginning of a dangerous adventure full of hidden connections to the brave Kayi Osman. You can only watch scenes and trailers for the new first episode of Korulus Osman with Urdu subtitles on mubitv Osman, in which Burak Ozjevit starred as Othman Bey, on our website Mubitv

Dundar Bey, who runs Kayı Obası in the absence of his brother, visits Kulucahisar Tekfure Yorgopolos with locals and gentlemen. The goal is to conclude a trade and security agreement within the framework of the relationship that Ertugrul created. Presses the button to perform a blood operation. What happened is the beginning of a dangerous adventure full of the hidden bonds of the brave and brave Othman Kayi. Watch the first season of Korulus Osman with Urdu subtitles,

The new season of ATV will be released in the first episode. Diriliş Ertuğrul’s sequel, Osman Foundation, kicks off its first season on Wednesday. The Othman Foundation met the fans of the first episode, the third trailer. Osman Bey says, “A country will emerge from our dreams,” terrifying the enemy. New season of Kuruluş Osman season 1 with urdu subtitles, trailer 3 with subtitles, Kuruluş Osman season 1 episode 1 with urdu subtitles

My Alps, gentlemen, the enemy has become raging and cruel betrayal. Silence, our friends. No sadness, no sadness. We know that God is sufficient for us and our faith is sufficient for us. Enough of our heart. Time to stop the angry enemies and cruel betrayal. It is time to hold the breath of a desperate enemy. Time to roar and write epics. Earth is the time to become a state for the future of our nation, in order to save the oppressed.

This is the second part of the first episode of the first season of Korolos with Urdu subtitles. God willing, good. This is good, God willing. Isn’t it Othman? We are Aybars here. we have arrived. Go to the wizard! call him! Stay with me Aybars. We have arrived, brother. Ypres … Ypres! Rother we have come. Ypres! My courage .. Give me your forgiveness in this world and your resurrection. I bear witness that no one deserves to worship except God, and I bear witness that Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, is his servant and messenger.

Ypres! Ypres! Osman Bey! You cannot protect your brother! How can you let him die “How can you? How can you? Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Ueiuso tell me. How did that happen? Nee was attacked. I fought with my brother with my bum, I couldn’t keep my promise. Aybars couldn’t protect me. The herd We cannot inform you. Othman, my son, Aybres, died for the matter. He said the martyrdom to his brother, and I do not doubt that. His brother has done his best for him .. Othman, O Othman, do not worry, Othman, do not worry .. stop .. return

You didn’t do anything to be ashamed of it. Urpin, my daughter. He could not contact his mortal lover, but … he met his immortal lover. My daughter … ur ^ in … you will meet on the other side. I’m Bamsey Berek! Alpba§i from the Kayi tribe … everyone saw that we were preparing their wedding tent. But Aybars already flew into the sky. He went to drink Shahada sherbet. I was waiting for my son’s wedding … but I was supposed to see him as a martyr. I don’t want the sad poets to cry! I don’t want anyone to cry! I don’t want women to pull their hair! Now is the time to make games! Time for the wedding! Now is a wonderful day! Thanks to my god .. I am a martyr father .. a martyr father .. I am a martyr’s father. Bamsi is the father of a martyr. My uncle is the father of a martyr. We have a wedding brother! My son came with his lord! We have a wedding brother! My son came with his lord! Madam.

Tell me, Osman died, Micala. He was saved from moss that had fallen off. I do not know-how. Curse. Hope that doesn’t lead to misfortune. But his closest father, Yepers son of Bamsey, everyone in the tents of Cai is crying over his body, my lady. We killed him. I hope that Othman has caught the news. And he turns his nose away from us. 24.co claims you’ve been waiting for you for days. Thank God I arrived. It was exhausting, but our choice to perform a sacred duty removed the fatigue.

How are we, Effendi? Is he healthy he is. He is curious about the lock. As you know, he takes care of Kuluca Hisar. God save him. We heard something happened. You are right in your insight. An assassination attempt was planned against Tkfour Yorkopoulos. I never saw you. I was wrong. He was targeted because he was close to the Turks. The darkness we are looking for will cover the entire castle. The same demon in this castle was because of them. We don’t have much time.

We must fulfill Effendi’s request and find the treasure. If we cannot be successful, everything will be spoiled. You sent the code, right? I am happy. You have never let us down with the tasks assigned to you. It could have been written by some secrets from the Bible. Means different codes. If we find clues, I can solve them. The place must be hidden in them. I analyzed similar secrets that were written in ancient alphabets. Then we can confront Effendi as happy people who have done their homework. I prayed for you in church, Yorgopoulos.

I am sure that with the help of God and the talent of Kalanos we will catch up with the officials. But are you sure the traitors were in the castle? We were betrayed by Sophia. And traitors inside. If you’re right, Yorogopoulos, that’s awful. Don’t come back empty-handed like Lanus. . Look for a lead. Otherwise they will try again soon. Yes. My beloved husband. I watch the sky every night. Read the traces of the stars and planets. I’m sure of one thing. Nobody will be able to destroy the system you created in their lifetime.

She passed over to me when we were with Takfour. I did not say anything. But how can I shut up Othman? You’re trying hard on Othman, mom. He doesn’t want that to happen. What will happen? What will your father Artgrel do to you? Tell your uncle. Solve my problem, uncle. The Aybars are avenged. It is my duty to take revenge on my brother. When it comes to my brother … if Ertugrul the son of Solomon is here he won’t hold me responsible for my brother’s death … he will go after the murderers and make Petenya hell for them! Will you now draw your Alps to avenge yourself? How many people will you get angry after Yepres, Osman? If you miss both of you … your punishment will be severe. I agree. If I tilt my head down to threaten you, they may be cut off.

Othman! Othman! I’ll tell you! Talk to him! I don’t want any other problem! Mom … talk to my father, mom. They shouldn’t be that difficult for Osman. I know Othman won’t stop until his pain is gone. Daughter … I heard with your ears. He doesn’t listen to his brother and uncle. May God protect us. With best regards. (Quran 33:56) Peace be on you, Messenger of God, peace be on you, O Prophet of God. Allah! Allah! Allah! O Messenger of God! Peace be on you, Messenger of God, peace be on you, O Prophet of God. Hafsa .. 3655 days have passed since you died. That day … Hafsa … we both died. They just buried you. Hafsa. My face is my rose My dear left. It is the fate of these countries. Sheep are sacrificed in the game, bravery is sacrificed in battles. But we have a martyr now.

Calling these countries our home. Calling these countries our home. It is time for vengeance, my brothers! May he swear on our horses to breathe the sparkle. May it be an oath! Anyone who sees pain is sweet, take an oath if I can’t take revenge on my brother Yepers. I hope you will. I cut with my dark iron. I hope he wipes my name off the rocks. I hope it’s an oath. Kuluca Hisar Castle spreads evil. We will search for the people who shed the blood of Aybars. We will enter the castle to see who is taking orders from them, their intentions. Is there someone? You trust the lock, bye? We only have one person to trust. He is atonement. Because the killer targeted him. Why did you come in secret, bye? I have to speak to Takfour alone. One shouldn’t know.

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Even his closest relatives may be his enemies. What do you command Listen to me now, brothers. Praise him, the sun, the moon and all the stars. I dressed him in a deep mudflat, eh, and the water stood on the mountains. What does that mean? In the first part he says that he connects the world with nonexistence. The moon and the sun .. the twinkling stars .. we will look for a sky in the castle .. the north spreads in a vacuum .. “is there a secret room in the north of the castle? Sophia’s room … I saw 7 planets in her room made by some talented people. A place where the stars and planets of the holy commandments are.

We are close to our secret. Sophia. What’s the matter, Sophia? talk to me. I beg you, talk to me. I can do anything you want. I am suffering Asanus. And I can’t take it anymore The longing burns me. I want to be with you like Lanos. I want that, too. Ut Takafur … Eurocopoulos … how do we do this for him? If God doesn’t want us to meet, does he give love in our hearts? Kalanos … you are my greatest tester in this world. I suffer from your longing every day and every night. I die every time I see you with atonement. What can we do, what can we do? Leave me Castellanos.

I’ll hit the stars tonight, I’ll tell you tomorrow night I will wait for you. Lord … give me vengeance on my brother Yepres and our other martyrs. do not worry. Don’t shed tears. Keep your head up My uncle is the father of a martyr. What are you thinking? Nothing … He smiled a little. We are very close. You’re right. We are very close. We’ll finish our duty tomorrow. Is that the reason for your sadness? Smile a little. Otherwise … are you thinking about it? World Health Organization? The Turk you saved. I wonder who it was. What did he do there? I don’t know who he was. But it clearly has a place in your head. Unfortunately, I have to tell you now. We need to rest. We have a heavy burden on our shoulders for tomorrow. Come on. Claims .co.uk White hair .. if I have white hair .. it must fall from the wings of the angel who carried my son .. from her wings .. I will catch you. The scent of a martyr is the scent of heaven. It is time to bury our brother and spread his scent over the Kai Tribe. Come on. Come on brave. Let’s go. Oh right!

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 01
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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 01
Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles Watch the 1 episode of the new phenomenon Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles • Giveme5

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