Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 02
Kuruluş Osman Season 1

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 02

This is the 2nd Episode of the season 1st of Kurulus Osman with Urdu subtitles. Clear the way! Get out of the way ‘Clear the way’ Get out of the way ‘Answer my questions you saved my life It doesn’t matter, I can still kill you What are you doing here? Have you killed the ruler? 9 What is the ruler? 9 What are you talking about 9 How Turkish? You killed Osman Ibn Ertugrul. What the hell are you doing? How did you get here? 9, Ibn Ertugral Bey, the famous Osman, Huo 9, is as skilled as his father, they say: “The offspring of a wolf turns into another wolf, do what you must do.

I will take care of him Job 26: 7 [verse of the Bible] Job 26: 7 [Bible verse] He turns the north into nothingness, “He will bring the earth down to nothingness. Praise Him 1 The sun and the moon All the bright stars 11 104: 6 He bore his fountains as blanket and water and stood on the mountain tops. Thank you absolutely, my Lord God is great. We also need to find what our teacher said. I found it in the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful, indeed. We have given [O Muhammad] a clear opening. “Surat Al-Fath [48: 1] Praise God. Praise God. Now that the ruler is dead, there must be panic. We don’t have much time to come quickly. In the name! (In the name of God) you cannot protect your governor, I have turned your castle into a tomb for him, I curse you, eat Dantes, none of you were like Osman, I curse you, answer me, “How can you not take precautions 9 how can you not?” In this castle, there is no traitor who tries Our ruler killed me because his children will risk our lives for him. Question everyone in the castle, we’ll get everyone talking. Where was the ruler? Who was he with? We will learn everything. I was in his room, I sent Helen to her room to call him after informing the governor of our offer.

He took action. But before he entered his room, I saw the son of Ertugrul Osman come out of his room. What did you say? Are you sure it’s Osman? Yes, Mr. Osman was Ertugral’s son. Ueuiso Search the entire castle at once, Andreas Put all the leaders into action! Search for the whole castle! Come on, listen to a step, don’t worry about him! He will wake up soon he Has a heart that can challenge the whole world He will take care of himself. Let us go. You are entrusted to God. Go Go. Run fast. Meet the commander, Osman, at the castle. I promise I will find Osman and we will settle down. I told you the stars will help us tonight. Commander Kalunoz, Commander Kalunoz Osman in Star Room 9 in Sofia, Star Room 9, hold it, Sofia. What is Osman doing there? 9 Holy Will “You killed our ruler, you bastard.

The ruler’s assassin is your innocent. I run, Uthman caught him before he left the castle * Damn we missed him 1 The ruler died “Where are you? Or P9 Where are you? Or P9 AAGA | / | BP, drink water, catch your breath. I worried about you when the bells rang the ruler died, I am responsible for that What are you talking about, my Bey9, we have to find a place to hide immediately, let’s go to my Mario house. Stop killing them all “Well, come on, they took the holy custody and treasure “Damn it, forgive my sins, God told Mr. Yannis immediately Sophia, Yannis will pay us both for this.

How can we explain this to Mr. Yannis? 5 Huh? We couldn’t enjoy the ruler’s death, and now we mourn this. Ubujso I will bite your lungs with my teeth. ueuiso. Apparently, no one has seen us and no one is around. We pray Alhamdulillah when we get to our city. You need to leave early in the morning. Do you come? The war has just begun my daughter, those who serve Satan will take action.

The ruler has been assassinated, things will go Crazy here 6Ae ^ or if uewso noA og What if he couldn’t get out, who did he follow? Du, we have a treasure Mubarak Ahmed Yazawi, thank goodness, I wonder who killed the ruler 9 I don’t know my brother I don’t know but I do know something The ruler was killed at the hands of his closest You are right, my ruler Bai took care of the snakes in his arms Why they killed him 9 because he made peace with us. They can accept that. They want to end the peace and fight again. Who are these B9 bastards who have arranged such a shameful murder must be a secret organization.

A ubiquitous secret organization in Bithynia took advantage of the fact that my father in Konya was supposed to send men to the tribe that Bey Kalonoz was supposed to have already done. His goal is to spoil the store with me. My brothers, we are being attacked from two sides. The woman disguised as a priest is our salvation. If we find her, we’ll find both the ruler’s killer and hers. Traitors in the castle, do you have to Satan 9 The earth was swallowed by a charlatan left! Unless you find Osman, we can’t breathe on this earth. “RII You find it, I swear to God I’ll find it and kill it myself” It’s not easy to find it. He must come of his own free will.

How is a Turk who risks his life for the ruler if we capture someone of his blood. He will surrender to save him, and the Devil has taken over the whole castle tonight, and sometimes you need help from the Devil to keep up with him, we will take a mandate from Dundar Bey and this authorization will leave Osman exposed and because of Uthman the shop will be disturbed, I will send the most trusted man I have and the agreement will be violated. Ertugral’s son Osman, who killed our ruler, violated the agreement, everyone must listen and believe that Osman committed this murder, everyone must know how Qais treats his friends, right? Uncle 9 Come to Kunduz Bey.

Is there any news from Osman? 9 We search everywhere, man, but nothing is right. I don’t understand what his goal is. Sometimes he saves the day. Sometimes it spoils the day and this has gone too far. Dundar must meet Bey Ertugral Ghazi what An event must send a message telling us what happened in the store, Dindar Bey needs to inform Osman’s position, my aunt is right about what we will do if my father comes to the store and asks where he is Osman 9 ah Osman ah. Look what you did to me but you didn’t leave me a choice.

you did not do it. Peace be with you, Dundar Bey, Alikum Salam Bamsi Bay, sit here. Thank you. Long live, Dundar Bey, Osman Dundar Bay. Where is the 9? It’s been a while, but Uthman is not around. The enemy is waiting for a hole. What if they hunted Osman like Ai in the bars? We were going to ask you, Bamsi Bai, I’m not Bai Ibn al-Bey it’s Dindar Bey, he needs to know what happens if something happens to Uthman, how can you explain it to Ertugrul Bey eh9 Eh? Brother Gundiz 9 huh? Uncle Dundar9 I wish my Ertugrul Bey would come so the tent was tidy, I send to the Alps (men) to Osman Gundiz bay, they would not return without a trace, would you send the message, Bey9 My Bey, I am talking to you what should I tell him to my brother ^ eh9 what should I do I say 9 Should I tell him that I can’t take care of Osman 9 and not ask me how are you going to run the store when you can’t even take care of Osman? Did the ruler Eurogopoulos 9 die? Yes, sir, why are you silent while the snow is in the mountains of Olympus, Migilla 9 my lord, the enmity sent by Sofia brought you a message, read it, read Miguel’s reading

What is written in Message 9 The holy will and treasure were stolen from the magic room It happened in the Yorgopolos scene1 Who knew the location of the room where the secret was hidden, huh 9 How did they know this, Miglia how 9 who did this 9 Osman, son of Ertugral Ghazi, Turkish Shepherd, spoil everything, Osman Osman, Osman, prepare my horse, we are going to Kulukahisar castle Yes sir, what happened to this shop 9, everything is wrong Been, you can’t even count on your assistant, God damn you all. Who you are? 9 What are you looking for? 9 Don’t take it personally, today you’re the second working for us, let’s do this Well, bye, the car is ready.

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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 2 Urdu Subtitle

Watch the second episode of Al-Dahra’s new series Kurulus Othman, with Urdu subtitles,
Just a reminder in the first episode of Kurulus Osman Bamsi, his son was martyred. In the first episode of Korulus Osman, Osman searches for the murderers of Bamsi Bey’s son. His little son is killed by enemies and Bamsey Bai wants to avenge his son.

Bamsi Bay’s wife and daughter died due to the plague, Bamsi Bay’s trauma is enormous, the effects of aging appear on him now, his family is devastated, his wife, son and daughter died, now he is left alone , his close friend Artgrel Ghazi is also ill. They have gone to Kayseri for treatment. How will Bamsi come out of this shock? How will Osman find the killers?

Uthman believed that Bamsi Bey Ibn Abbas’s assassin was a net from the treacherous nest in the castle and then Osman secretly entered the castle and made a secret agreement with Kalucahisar oby. tekur was the only person in the castle that Osman Bey could trust. But the corpse of the takfour, who was killed immediately after this arrangement, fell at Uthman’s feet and killed a ball at the hands of the secret Othman organization, which was hunting down the killers of his friend. Can Uthman really know who the nun is? Who are these nuns?

Are they Muslim? Why did they help Osman Bey? What does the story say about them? Do these nuns have any relationship with Osman in the future? Many questions were asked?
Can Sophia and Kalanus catch Osman? Or will Uthman find the murderers of Urgopolos and leave the fortress? You can see the scenes and trailers of the new second episode of the series Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 2 with subtitles in Urdu, where Burak Özçivit plays the main role with the character Osman Bey,

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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 02
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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 02
Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 02 Urdu Subtitles Watch the 2nd episode of the new phenomenon Kurulus Osman Season 1 urdu Subtitles • Giveme5

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