Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 03
Kuruluş Osman Season 1

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 03

This is the third episode of the first season of Kurulus Osman, with subtitles in Urdu. Check out the difficulties we go through to bring this hateful creature to life. Cruel world. You made all steel, Bator Bey. Nobody in this world can defeat you now. If you let me down in battle … no one can save you from me, blacksmith. I wonder what you are going to do now. All of them were lies. Calonose. Listen to me. God damn you Stop! Who are you? Ni is the only force that can get the Byzantines back on their feet. Commander Kalonoz. We are the only masters of this great holy power. We vowed to fight the Turks and restore our empire to its former glory … and to protect Hagia Sophia in Constantinople.

Who are you? Yannis. Monk Yannis. I am a faithful servant of the Margaret Church in Ceres. Everyone you see here on behalf of our church is the Kulukahisar guards. Kulucahisar is just one of the fortresses we control. Many castles with their leaders, soldiers, and even rulers … are under our control. Sophia. What about you? With the growing hatred of the Turks … I am a woman who has always obeyed Mr. Yannis. I’m a woman who couldn’t tell my feelings … the man I loved for that reason.

Offer a leader like you to join us … to get stronger and fight the Turks to the end … Commander Kalonoz. tell me. What were you looking for in the castle? Obviously, you took something hidden. Is it a sweetheart You are right, Osman? It was a darling. But we neither stole nor took over. With God’s help and thanks to him, we got what we had back. This treasure in its entirety belongs to the Ahais. I know Ahis and how they hold their own against the Mongols.

But I feel uncomfortable. Edibale. Why are they in the castle against you? Why did they steal your treasure? What happened in the castle? Your daughter Bala, Father Tursun, why were you there? A dark power that ruled Bithynia spread everywhere and around every corner. Sometimes they dominate their thoughts … and sometimes with the men they choose. What do you want? What’s next? They want to end our faith with the darkness they cast on us, my son.

They want to drive the Turks out of these countries and revive the Byzantine spirit. They know Ahis won’t give up. To get ahead of us, they stole Ahis’ treasury. You want to drive us into an economic crisis, my son. Even Sophia, who killed the ruler and captured the castle, is her agent in the castle. The ones who stole this treasure from you, as you described … a powerful and dark force, Edibaly. The power behind those who believe in God is always greater, my son.

We have neither fears nor fears. We know and believe that for every truth there is Mount Hira, no matter how angry the armies of the enemy are. The things you said made me happy? I have a strong feeling that in all of these troubles we need … a strong union. A majestic union that cannot be weakened by any enemy. Maybe … maybe even a country. This should be the land with which justice should be revived.

The Islamic world will find peace. Cruelty fluctuates and morals rise with it. Don’t be surprised, Commander Kalonoz. Just answer. Are you with us Assumed I’m not? Will you kill me too There is no leader who does not hate the Turks, the right to live, Kalonoz. We worked for a good cause. And our enemies are so close that there is no place in our hearts for mercy. Who are these enemies? Sheikh Adibali and Ahis for him.

An old old man and a bunch of Ahis. Why do they bother you so much, Monk Yannis? You don’t know her, Kalonoz. Sheikh Edibaly is the soul of the Turks who cannot be captured. Even the Mongols couldn’t handle Ahis. As soon as we believe they are done, they will start over.

How will you deal with them then? With heroes like you, they kill and die for their cause. The Greeks have an old aphorism. If you want to hunt wolves, sharpen your ax. If we do not sharpen our interlocutors, we will not oppose the Turks. And if we cannot oppose them, then Sheikh Adebaly and his brother … will unite with Ghazi (veterans) and the Alps (men). Saiyans (women) … and that will be our downfall. Now I’ll ask again, Commander Kallonos. Do you want to be remembered as a traitor after many years … or as the hero who stopped the onslaught of the Turks? On this sacred journey, I will be with you until my death. Shut up. Shut up! Just shut up when Osman doesn’t need you … so I can whip you alive.

I’ve told you everything I know Let me go! Shut up. Shut up! Open it, open it! Now sit down here. One question, one answer. Who are you? Security comes with you. Friends. Peace be with you too. Separate the double and single strands well. Those with patterns are still incomplete. We can’t sell them like that in Bala Khatun. Very good Alaa Hatun. This is not suitable for sale. Turn them into shoes for those who are hurt and give them away. Very good Bala Khatun. Not only do you wield swords, but you can also trade well, Bala Khatun.

We can protect our lives with swords and the dignity of the Turks with trade … and traditions with our morals, Osman Bey. My dear mother used to say that Turkish traditions are in the hands of women. Thanks, I realized how right she was. Alaa Khatoun. Your horse is Alaka. What happened to Alaka? The situation in the barn is not good. No grass can grow for you, my friend. Ala Hatton Pavilion, my Alaka. I never thought that I would see you like this. He jumped straight into my life from the Manas saga, Osman Bey. He was my guide. Like the moon in the sky, my land Alaka was my crescent moon and its light in the dark. My Al c <i. Sorry, Bala Khatun.

How can you be mad at the moon because of dark clouds? You’ve been through such things with Bala Khatun and fought such battles … they can be seen on your scars. You are just as brave as your owner. You never give up You are clearly doing a good job for your horse, Bala Khatun. You love him as a friend, ride him as an enemy. He went on in silence … he said nothing despite his stomach injury. is yours. If you believe in me … allow me to heal Alaka as you saved me from the mud. I have faith in you. So I introduced you to Osman’s parents. Take care of my horse. Alaka. Alaka. I will take care of the infection in your stomach. Now … I say we take you to the tent. I will treat you there. So … another tear does not fall from the eyes of your beautiful owner Bala Khatun. God bless you, oh Osman.

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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 3 with subtitles

In the last episode, Takfour was murdered and Sophia Takfour’s wife joined the secret organization, and the underground organization killed Takfour. The organization did not want to develop better relations with the Turks. The main aim of this organization was to weaken the Turks and they wanted to stop their development.

What actually happened on the way of Osman, who secretly entered the castle to find the murderer of his companion Ipres and to track down the murder of Tecfour, Kurulus Osman crossed with Bala Khatun, who was certain, in the castle. Dündar Bey, who was active with the news he received from Burçin, came to the castle by taking Bamsı and Samsa from Kayi Beys.

There was another name that came to Kale; Effendi Yannis, whose murder was unsuccessful, was now in the castle. In spite of everything, Osman, who had infiltrated the soldiers of the castle, hit me with you, who had entered the castle and put a sword in his hand. Osman, skillfully imagining what he would do, escaped despite being thrown into a dungeon and capturing a hunter named Tocles who was followed by Sophia. When Kalanuz sees Helen and Sophia running down the aisle, he chases down Sophia, her murder partner, who was suspicious of other things and has been linked to Idabali in Kurulus Osman.

Bala Khatun had brought Osman to Idbali to add this trio. I wonder what Idbali will say to Osman. Are you going to make a plan? What is the big surprise that awaits Kalanos after Sophia and Helen?

Helen and Sophia run down the aisle, Kalanuz in Kurulus Osman. You suspect something is wrong. Sophia was involved in other things she worked within the underground organization. Osman is pursued by Osman, who captured Tuclis. Tokles was Sophia’s soldier.

Now Osman is banned by Akça Derviş, Pehlivan and Zülfikar Derviş, who used to belong to Edebalı. Osman, who wanted to know about the nuns whose secret was finally revealed, brought Bala Khatun, who came out after this trio, Osman to Idbali. I wonder what Idbali will say to Osman. Are you going to make a plan? What is the big surprise that awaits Kalanos after Sophia and Helen?

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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 03
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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 03
Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 03 Urdu Subtitles Watch the 2nd episode of the new phenomenon Kurulus Osman Season 1 urdu Subtitles • Giveme5

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