Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 04
Kuruluş Osman Season 1

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 04

This is the 4th episode of the kurulus Osman Season 1 series, subtitled in Urdu. Is Constantine and Nikia’s Wealth Ended? Did you come here for the treasures? Don’t speak, woman! do not touch it! Uififtiahgrafiks.com Aag A | / | Neither Dendar Bay nor Gendoz Bey will leave them. Brother Buran, everyone in this land and on the borders will know. If someone betrays Osman, son of Erturul Ghazi, it will end like this. How will I emerge from the Alps as a man if I keep silent about this betrayal? If I don’t punish my cousin today when I distinguish between traitors, will my father’s efforts and my mother’s milk be permissible? EyvAllah BP. We will sacrifice ourselves for your justice. What do we do now, bye? I didn’t shed this blood to show off, Connor Alp.

Whoever stands in front of us will end up like this, whether it is my brother or my uncle. Everyone will know. My son … brave … try to kill me mom … nothing will happen to you, dear. Don’t worry, your mother’s hand will heal you. He wanted to kill me, mom. Bring the Burqin Towels! Nothing will happen to my brother, will he? Kayi Hatuns are used for blood. It’s not the time to cry Go wash those towels. Register! Hurry! Mix Burgin, daisies, and hemp. Don’t forget to cook the trumpet flower. Yes or bloom. Aigol, light a fire. Demery Bey. You know the problem we are facing with the castle. We are on the defense. I informed the Alps. They will bring you their swords. Look at her. EyvAllah Gunduz Bey. I don’t want laziness. Do your homework. EyvAllah BP.

Can I come to myself Come? Gendo’s bay. What happened? Osman Bey. What happened to Osman Bey? Osman Bey Bator was stabbed to death outside Dundar Bey’s tent. Osman … your hands may not be able to hold the shields. May your heart fill with blood. If you cheat like your son, so be it, my aunt. Didn’t you stop the bloodshed? Was it my son Batur’s role after Yepres? You know … we get souls for life and we purify blood with blood. Leave me Jendez Bay! Do you want injustice or justice aunt? Hands off. I want revenge, Jendez Bay.

You roar like you don’t have a man in your tent, Zahr Khatun. It’s not here, Osman. You shed my blood So you wanted me to suffer … you will pay for it. You did that too, Ueiuso. You have done it. That’s enough, Osman. When will you find peace When did Osman stop? Your brother will stop when we stop cheating, brother. No … Osman won’t stop. You will not. The Alps bring Osman Bey to the cage tent. Treason and his support … is no different from mine. I prostrate myself to morality because you are Alpbaçi, not my brother. I will ask you about it. Be aware of that. Ummahgrafiks.com a son … a son … a son who fights like a wolfman when he doesn’t even have a mustache.

The son stands like a flag when it falls. You made this black land a son of the homeland … my son … you are not dead. Our Creator who created the earth and heaven says the same thing. They are dead. “They live but you don’t see it. (The cow) We don’t know the son. The people who come after you will know. They will. My son. Oh, son … if you won’t fall … if I don’t fall … who will turn this dark floor? ” To a home? Who will turn this dark ground into a home? What happened to the Erkot Alps? Bey, Osman Bey Batur stabbed to death in front of Dindar. Bay tent. What does Erkut Alp say? Forgive us. We do what you asked. You will do your duty. Don’t worry brothers. Bring the goods. .. as he betrayed .. they .. gave Theocles, who would take us to the castle of my brother Aypers’ murderers. Who did it, Osman? My uncle … my brother … Batur.

Whose blood is he? Osman Bey attacked Batur, Bi, and Zahr Khatun. A lion heals him internally … Batur. You will be a good son. Try to kill me, dad. Osman sheds our blood. Where is Osman hiding now? What well is he in? He’s not hiding or scared. He is Osman. He looked me in the eye and indicated that he was good. He will pay the price of the bloodshed from Dindar’s son. Dad … stop him. Or he’ll end it all. . Dindar Bey. Gendez took him to the tent in the cage as his uncle Dendar Bey was not helping. You have to show your face to Osman. I’ll show Osman what bloodshed is like. Where were you when Osman stabbed my son? What did you do? Dundar Bey! What do you think you’re doing DundarBey? How do you give my Ypres murderer Dundar Bay the bait?

You shed blood today, Osman. You spilled the blood of someone who was carrying some blood. Tell me now. What will happen now I shed the dirty blood that poisoned my brother Qais. This is the beginning. Never make mistakes again. I am not Bator Osman. Did you hear me? I am not a bator! I’ll tear my eyes apart when I draw a sword on myself! Know your limits! Otherwise, I don’t care even if you are my brother … I won’t wait for my father … and I’ll tear your heart apart, Osman! Everything is clear. Blindness and betrayal. You must be scared, not me! Osman … When you cried in your cradle, I learned politics from my father. The most important thing is the goal. What’s this? Sometimes you get into complicated games for victory. What’s this? An immature person like you cannot understand these games!

The new bazaar was raided. Dindar is calling you. The Alps start to the new bazaar. Bala Khatun .. my brother. Open the handcuffs. To bring more trouble, Osman? Open the handcuffs. I have to go to the new bazaar! Why are you so interested Why should you come to the new bazaar? Brothers! You need to think first about how to protect yourself from Kalanos. Brothers! Brothers! Open the handcuffs! Do it! • ueuiso will go out if I want you to. Those strings stay there until my father comes. Brother brothers! do you want to go? You will drown in your cruelty! Shut up, get some wine. Oh my god … you won’t let us carry the burden that we cannot carry. Give me a Sumeyye Safer Capacity (RA). (First Martyr) Give me to be a martyr like you.

Give me strength The moment I saw you in tears next to the horse, I made a promise to myself. If someone would cry Hutton, that person would be my greatest enemy, as I said. I see you! Open the handcuffs! Untie him before my anger turns into a storm. Then handcuff yourself. BP Do what I say EyvAllah. I see you. They raided the new bazaar. We must proceed immediately. Let’s go my lion

Brave warriors of Catalonia! I drink a toast for you! Have you no mercy I want some water. Salvador heard. You will not drink water until you speak. Do you think you came here to let me speak from Catalonia? What are you saying? Come. I will tell you. Come. You’re not afraid of a woman, are you? You idiot, does that change when wolves are female? She is running away! Correct! Hurry! Hurry! Khatun flower. Bamsi Bey grabs Osman from the cage. It’s almost like it introduces other problems before we solve one. You are surrounded! I’ll tear your head off! If you try to escape again, I’ll break your neck. Take it. Tursun Bey. I came to you, Osman Bey.

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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 2 Urdu Subtitle

What happened in the new bazaar in Torsun Bay? Bamsi Bai … is like a father to me. Guayaquil, Ecuador. They raided the new bazaar and killed everyone. Junka Hatun was injured. What about Bala Hatton? Did something happen to her? They kidnapped Bala Khatun. Did you do it? We know who did it, Osman Bey. But the soldiers did not leave the castle. You must have found something to do. I do not know who they are. You must have taken her to a secret location. I can’t go back to the castle. Sophia will understand the relationship when she sees Bala Hatton.

Because she saw me with Bala Khatun. Osman Bey! We can save Bala Khatun from the hands of these killers if we stay together! You will go to Tursun Effendi Castle. Why bye If they want to kill Bala Khatun, they will do so in the new bazaar!

The previous episode broke all records. In episode 4, Yannis attacks the bazaar where the daughter of the great scientist Sheikh Adibali worked. Yannis kidnaps Sheikh Adibali’s daughter.

Yannis realized his bloody plan and managed to raid the maritime market and kidnap Edebali’s daughter. In season 1 of kurulus osman, will Yannis learn what they want from Bala Hatun when they use Catalan warriors as subcontractors for this job? On the other hand, Osman Korolus punished Osman Episode 4 Batur Alp for kidnapping his prisoner Tocles in Oba Square. In return, he is locked in a tent. What will Osman do when he finds out about the market attack in the tent and the tribe is in a cage?

Bala Khatun kidnapped?

In the new episode, where the action peaks, Kurulus encounters Osman Season 1, who is thrown into a cage tent to stab Dündar Bey’s son Batur, for the first time after his escape. In Kurulus Osman season 1, episode 5 in Urdu subtitles, what caused this confrontation between Dundar Bey and Osman in the camp? What happened in the new episode?

What happened in the fifth episode of Korulus Osman to a translation in Urdu.
Osman manages to save Idibali’s daughter Bala Hatun from Yannis, but Bala Khatun is poisoned and Yannis receives the antidote. Batur is thrown into a cage tent to stab Dundar Baez. He will face his son Dundar for the first time since his escape in Korolus Osman’s season.

The answer to the question.

What do Dundar Bey and Osman produce? What will Edebali do to kidnap his daughter? Can Osman take the antidote from Yanis and save Bala?

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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 04
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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 04
Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 04 Urdu Subtitles Watch the 4th episode of the new phenomenon Kurulus Osman Season 1 urdu Subtitles • Giveme5

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