Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 05
Kuruluş Osman Season 1

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 05

This is the 5th episode of the Kurulus Osman Season 1 series, with subtitles in Urdu. Bayes. Accusing one another will not bring us peace. We need to hear what Osman has to say. The one who died is atonement, and the guilt is Margrave’s son. Don’t forget that one side is Byzantine and the other is Seljuk. That is why we will be on trial in Sogiit tomorrow. Why not Kulucahisar? Osman has committed all of the crimes charged with in Kolukahisar. We have to judge him.

The judgment is not important, it is important to reveal the truth, Kalanos. Additionally, which tribe and tribe will agree on the decision you will make regarding the Kulucahisar? Ali, you are right, Kalanos. Osman must be judged in Sogiit so that no one has questions on their mind. A process that takes place under the righteousness of our leaders will be suitable for all. We agree on that. I just want to offer the peace we achieved with my late friend Yorgopoulos. I don’t want blood on our hands. Osman is now on the run. You can’t even keep it in your cage tent.

What if he didn’t come to Sogiit? Then … he will have accepted all the guilty parties, including Takfour’s murder. I am sure Osman Bey will be part of this process, don’t worry. Even his uncle couldn’t control him. How can you be so sure Turkmens on this border are like crazy horses, Sophia … each of them has different ties, but they are all tied to a pole. I am that pole. The person who can talk about me in the Turkish tribes is not yet born. If Osman doesn’t come to life, his body will come.

This is a promise we will make to you. So that you trust yourself, we trust your promise as friends. We’ll wait for the news, Sir Bai. The truth will be revealed tomorrow. God is good for us all. Who is Osman No need, Bamasy, where’s Edibale? He sent me. My name is Zulfiqar. Let’s go there. Bamsi ey, take precautions here. Ev Allah Osman Bey, Yefullah. I have to run you over a rope with my hand, my uncle. I saw that he’s close to Osman. So he wants a trial in Sogut. I have to walk, Bai … and prepare the wolf table, my nephew. People who have lost their breath want to die. He does deliver a rope to the well. But we’ll see if this rope saves us or suffocates us.

What if a decision were made at Osman’s expense, uncle? Are we going to sacrifice my brother? We have to find Osman first. We have to testify to convince the judges of Osman’s innocence. Then I’ll make him pay for what he did to Batur. Osman from my blood is from my heart. Only I can punish him. God that’s fine. Ottoman Alps … So you came, huh? Brother Bokak, I’ll accompany Tursun to the treatment tent. EyvAllah Boran brother. We’re taking Bala Hatton to the Ertugrul Bey tent, come on. My uncle is wounded. Boran Alp! All rivers fall into the sea. We won’t stay long, Dindar Bey. I decide who stays in this tribe and leaves. Who is this khatun?  The daughter of Aibah Bala Khatun. Is the kidnapped girl from the bazaar the daughter of a writer? Yes. We ordered her to be housed in his father’s tent. I think Bey’s heart wasn’t big enough to bring it here on its own. You can’t put Bai’s heart in these tents.

We, Kayes, cannot keep Khatun waiting for those who seek treatment. We will burn the world for a drop of Muslim blood. Let Zahr Khatoun know, you will take care of her. Adiba’s daughter is our daughter. Take it. Peace be with you. Peace in Alikum. Zulfikar Dorfi told me that you know what happened. Bala Khatun fights against death. What are you looking for here? Batur … bring the Ottoman Alps to the cage tent. You won’t be going anywhere until Osman comes back.

On that day I can’t even help my daughter Fatima. “Her pulse is weak. Poisoned. There is nothing we can do. She is going to die. It’s Osman’s era. This is Haima’s tent. We cannot refuse anyone who came to this door to seek a cure. To cook castor oil, must.” he vomited. Go to boil castor oil. Give me. ” A towel. Well, Osman … tell me what your problem is. They want you to pay the price. They want the treasure from you. These demons are very arrogant … that Satan didn’t even humiliate Adam (Adam) … If Huck didn’t tell her to die, my daughter wouldn’t die even if she would drink a thousand poisons if he wanted.

So what can we do? We will be happy because she will be a neighbor of our Prophet (SAW). You’re right. People who do not know how to make sacrifices … who cannot take the risk of victimization … those who cannot understand the deaths should not expect consent from them. Is it easy to confront God who says we are Muslim? Here is Osman Muslims are the honest ones, and the honorable ones are those who never forget the truth in difficult and good times.

Do we stay here and do nothing? Sophia is the daughter of Yannis. Yannis’ daughter? Let’s see what Yannis will do after you kidnap her. How do you know I’m going to have Sophia? Our lives passed trying to get the most precious mud out of the ground, my son. Our eyes can also discover valuable people. Now I’m going to your tribe as a guest. If I could bring the treatment that would be fine. If you can’t, don’t feel upset. Our call to it has the same meaning as “ant”.

(Explanation in the description above) It is sufficient to know our pages. You are right, Edibale. What is the value of this treasure? It’s just a piece of wood, my son. a piece of wood. I want to hear it again now, I have to start. Always be on the right track my son. Go to safety. Asli and Karim. You worked hard on it. It’s finally over. Open your eyes, Aigol. Your body is in the tent of the eye, imagine where your living body will be. Look what he’s writing here, Sophia. A verse from the Koran Surat Al-Hujurat. The believers are brothers … “Surat Al-Hujurat [49:10] The Koran invites them to be brothers and to be a union in 82 verses. This is our way out, Sophia, a mess we’re going to make.

Now I’m listening to you, what information did you bring from the Kayi tribe? The Kai tribe are corrupt, Efendi. Dindar is angry with Osman. We can use this anger. Because Osman Belek doesn’t respect Dendar. Dindar may be a Bey too … But Osman’s soul wanders around Kayi’s tents. I think, Sophia, Osman will be a problem not only for us, but also for Dyindar.

The fire that we burn brings us to treasure. Do you think Osman knows where the treasure is? It is impossible for Osman to know where the treasure is. Edbali will not reveal his brother’s secret. He’s totally in love, enough to face Edebali for her. You will see, he will bring the treasure. Effendi Yannis, we received information from Nizamuddin. Tell me helen Osman Bala Khatun was sent to the Kayi tribe. Love … I bow to your strength. I witnessed the power of love the day my hands were stained with redemptive blood. But Osman … we can’t be sure what he’s going to do.

Be sure that he will take care of the secret of Ahis, the Kalanos. The love he has … and the anger he has … will sooner or later bring me the treasure. We’ll have our precautions in place when he comes. Hey Alissar Bey. Do you know what fish and people it is, Nizamuddin? Both get into trouble if they open their mouths unnecessarily. Now … cough what you have in your stomach. BP … you know it’s my pleasure to have your eyes and ears. I couldn’t leave it inside. I don’t like long conversations. Cut it off. Yeh Idibali’s daughter was poisoned by Bala Khatun.

They took her to the Kayi tribe. What do you do? BP … and especially Osman with Samsa Kafu. He would probably be with them too. So Edebali sets Osman on fire. We will put out this fire so that our words will be heard in these countries. Go now … go find Osman and tell him … Ali Al-Bey calls you in court: “What if he doesn’t want to come, bye?”

Can I come to myself Come on kill Alp. It came to you, Edibale. Don’t make him wait. Peace be with you. Peace be with you. They brought good luck to the Ertugrul Gazi Idybali tent. Welcome. Thank you. Thanks my son. Is Bala Khatun inside? Gunka Hatun is with her. She sleeps. If you’ll excuse me, I want to see my daughter. I ask God for forgiveness. Osman broke our rules. He didn’t listen to you. Punish Osman with what he deserves. Osman not only threatens your future and your tent … he threatens Aigol too. What do you want to say, Khatun? Aag A | / | Aigol is in love with Osman BP. Osman doesn’t like Ajil. We have to be careful before Aegol goes mad.

As? The marriage that strengthens us will be good for us and Aigol. What do you want to say, Khatun? Who are you thinking about I have to go with you? Khatun passed away from Ali $ er Bey last year. I want to marry Ali Sir Bey and Aegol. I saw Ali look at Sir Bey Aigol when he came with Sophia and Kalanos. I think you should meet and talk to Ali§er Bey soon. Igol. May I come in. What happened at that time of the night? BP … §eyh Edebali here. Yamani … keep an eye on him. I will know every step of it. Yes, baby. What shall we do with me Edebali means anger. Here the anger of the Mongols and the suspicion of the Seljuks rises. I’m afraid there is a connection between Osman and Idibali. Don’t you want to say goodbye to him?

There is no need to rush. He will hug his daughter first. His suffering will end. Remember … those who left footprints become prey … those who keep track are the hunters. Our mother was so desperate. because of the water Hz. Abraham left her behind. Haser’s mother, who was worried about her son … Ismail may have died of thirst and worried she began looking for water between Tel Al-Safa and Merv. When she was there and came back seven times, her son Ismail was exhausted.

The thirst was so intense on his little body. In his wisdom, the Lord struck his heels on the ground. Our mother heard something. I looked at her … a river was rising from where she had left her son. When Cypriel heard Elislam Ismail crying and begging for our mother … he put a well there, God willing. They called it “Zamzam”. It’s a cure for Muslims, God willing.

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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 5 Urdu Subtitle

The previous episode broke all records. In episode 4, Yannis attacks the bazaar where the daughter of the great scientist Sheikh Adibali worked. Yannis kidnaps Sheikh Adibali’s daughter.

Yannis realized his bloody plan and managed to raid the maritime market and kidnap Edebali’s daughter. In season 1 of kurulus osman, will Yannis learn what they want from Bala Hatun when they use Catalan warriors as subcontractors for this job? On the other hand, Osman Korolus punished Osman Episode 4 Batur Alp for kidnapping his prisoner Tocles in Oba Square. In return, he is locked in a tent. What will Osman do when he finds out about the market attack in the tent and the tribe is in a cage?

Bala Khatun kidnapped?

In the new episode, where the action peaks, Kurulus encounters Osman Season 1, who is thrown into a cage tent to stab Dündar Bey’s son Batur, for the first time after his escape. In Kurulus Osman season 1, episode 5 in Urdu subtitles, what caused this confrontation between Dundar Bey and Osman in the camp? What happened in the new episode?

What happened in the fifth episode of Korulus Osman to a translation in Urdu.
Osman manages to save Idibali’s daughter Bala Hatun from Yannis, but Bala Khatun is poisoned and Yannis receives the antidote. Batur is thrown into a cage tent to stab Dundar Baez. He will face his son Dundar for the first time since his escape in Korolus Osman’s season.

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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 05
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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 05
Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 05 Urdu Subtitles Watch the 5th episode of the new phenomenon Kurulus Osman Season 1 urdu Subtitles • Giveme5

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