Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 06
Kuruluş Osman Season 1

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 06

This is the 6th episode of the 1st season, Osman, with subtitles in Urdu. Where’s Yannis Edibale? Cut it off. Answer my question Shaitan1 Selcan Hatun Selcan Hatun Selcan Hatun Not even in Sogiit Selcan Hatun Not even in Sogiit Selcan Hatun Not even in Sogiit Intelligence, Osman. I forgot that we have dark tones everywhere. What did you do with Silcan Hattorp? She will choose to live in Kerwan while she lives in Kerwan a Welcome Princess Sophia Thank you What are you looking for Selcan Hatun9 My dagger is here, but I haven’t found it, you go and enjoy your meal Yes, Princess send meat and fruit to this table, princess Sofia wanted Von Kulucahisar to bring you these gifts. He’s a man waiting outside. If you kill, he will go to inform you that it is Kerwansaray. He’s a man waiting outside.

If you kill, he’ll inform Kerwansaray. Are you ready to negotiate with your demon? 6ubiusq ahi Ahi ahi q iinwu iipaiao ahi Ahi ini mniAi in ahi q iinwu iipaiao you lie 1 It’s a lie that I made up to get rid of myself. It’s not a special day. Why did I send them? 9. Can I sit? Stupid guests think they own this land. When it comes to being a guest you can sit however you like, so you are Selcan Hatun ek woman in Kul Ne and look at the stove, not the fire, although we are the fire, the talent belongs to Hayme Mother, Osman Bey’s grandson. My relatives, the princess. I miss him too. Why take care of Osman?

Osman found my husband’s killers in you, and Heim punished them. Anna is like a mother a snake to me when you wound her. I’ll get you even if you are you I win you by 11. I win you. I win you when you hurt her. I’ll lose you even if you’re not done yet. Osman, I’ll give you the Yepers killers. Of course, you will not say anything about my execution, Silkan Hatton. The tents will bring him to the tents. Think carefully or leave an execution witness. 0 • © 0 It was a big game, wasn’t it? I am the only one who knows you This is Osman Bey that I know.

1 Brave and intelligent Xnimii aapii i imn i ipiii laRini 1 Where are the murderers of Aybars? Your! Don’t hurry over here yet, Yannis k Shadow with my sword light, I know that. Ark shines the light of my sword, the shadows of the Kno Ark Thanks to Osman Bey we have eliminated the problems that affected our country and he is a brave hunter. You have to know that Sophia’s Bamsi is not present. Gendez Bay, something is going on, we will all learn when Osman comes? Where’s Osman, Dundar Bay 9 Can anyone predict what Osman, Ali, will do to you?

He could be here anytime, what if he wasn’t? Osman was the only person who saw him except us with my eyes. You trust us. I can see you in the same condition as Cloakahisar. I hope to renew the agreement. 9 Come on, Ali, from Gunduz. I am worried about Gundiz. I’m afraid your uncle is still hunting and Osman is not Um. iviy icmierr Liiuyiui Jd £ I am the basis of this agreement. Ertugrul Bey wanted to “not do with these demons” and not with these demons. He is not here. Where are you osman Where are you? 9 what happened? 9 You seem to have heard something good thanks to God. You have dealt with a subject that you will not be happy to meet if you allow me.

I want to visit you and Zahra Khatun in your tents if I want. I want to visit you and Zahr Khatun in your tents. If you allow me, I would like to visit you and Zahr Khatun in your tents, if you allow me. I want to visit you if you allow me. I want to visit you for sure. We are always open to friendships. Aybige, who are you? I couldn’t see her, my beautiful daughter, who are you? 9 Where are you from and where are we friends of Ahi Evrin, Ahis, and friends of Fatima Bachi, base, mother of honor and sheikh? EO UIOIUI uuu r loves to be happy. Mashallah asks God Khatun for forgiveness. It allowed us to show our respect. Decency means knowing poverty. Mashallah, you brought good luck to this Kransi. I have shown your majesty and your wisdom. Can you give me your name khatun Can you give me your name, hatun?

Now it’s the turn of the old wolves. I thought you would repent of your warriors, Prince Salvador. I would only be sorry if I lost my ideals. Commander Do we know where we’re going? 9 We are of course on the right track, Effendi. To be a Muslim or a Muslim remains a Muslim. Sometimes they hurt us, sometimes they reject us. We will carry on without giving up. V e (Don’t forget friends. Honor and shout EyvAllah my Efendi. Efendi, we heard that Yannis is dead. You threw a piece of bread at the mouse.

An intelligent mouse looked at its place and the piece of bread and thought it was there something in there. The bread was big. And the distance was short What do you suppose, Efendi? Yannis … is a great bait and that makes me think he went easy. A girl like Sophia will never allow you to see her father We know what their intention is. You are the only one who knows where the treasure is, for this reason, they will attack Osman and misleading in a deception My Ak $ a Did Osman see the execution process? 7 No, Effendi has started. He will come to you when he learns Salamon Alikum, peace be upon you, Alikum Salam.

I was concerned when I left the tents without telling myself if your father insulted me. “I felt like I came here so I wanted to kiss his hand and apologize. Papa accepts everyone who is sorry for what you did. He wants to show you the way UUI II, no I want to make him sad, I know, Bala Khatun, I tried to become a justice, but I should have fought for justice, he will be happy to see you. He will be happy to see you, God willing, Bala Khatun, I will see his face and hear his prayer, I have something to say to him, then come and sit down Until my father, Osman Bey comes, I know that I was too scared not to see you again I will send my aunt Selcan to you.

Selamun Aleykum Aleykum Selam Akpa Dervish Thank you. My efendi is busy, Osman Bey. Does he know it’s important? Does he know it’s important? He knows I’ll see him with you. “I know that patience is the door to the reunion of LI IU VI who came to him. Are you upset about the hand that wasn’t holding your hand or reaching your hand? 9 I’ve exhausted this nap on the way but I know there are mountains on your way that I can’t give up, Pala Khatun, then you have to be patient until you unite. Is our secret box ready? Effendi. d “J” wJ My dad should know something Osman Bey I know it’s hard to wait to see you again.

ini11or! 11 Inn’s father breathes for it, but the road seems uneven. I know that you will be my breath I know you will make your heart good I’ll see Pala Hatton. You wanted to tell me something. Aigol Hatton, what happened to AygiiP. I came to when I was your guest. You warned me not to be angry, Osman Bey is your blood.

It’s from your blood. Why does Aygul care? It’s not about you or me, Osman, then what? Aigil Khatun loves you Bala Hatton Leave the Aegol case to me, but … Little did I know I upset Idbali so much that I refuse to see myself. I will wait patiently for a busy Afandina, Osman Bey. Be patient on the reunion door.

Come and sit down, there are things your father hears. My daughter’s girl crowns for us because she is a guest when she leaves on time and it’s time for you my daughter. I want you to go somewhere. I want you to be a man’s wife today. You know, his khatun died and wanted you to be his wife. He asked me: do you allow it? Your father asks you, my daughter. As you want, papa, my daughter, your mouth is different and your eyes say differently.

Stay a little alone and think twice. OKAY. Girls can’t think well, Dundar Bey How do you leave them with a garden such that you don’t want to be planted? Don’t give roses to Hatton I can sell in the new bazaar Let them make their decision Look at the fire of those candles Kalanos’ Al IIX1PI IQ We will defeat the Turks together with Tareeqah Hat Wa the way you look at me. While the fire of our love burns The other Sophia wanders, 50 tents make 500 rings, Hatun.

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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 6 Urdu Subtitle

In the previous episode, Osman was imprisoned, and on the other hand, he took Yannis, the daughter of Sheikh Adibali, with him, Yannis wanted to know about the plains of Ahais, and Ahis worked for the good of Muslims on the Byzantine border. Osman also returned to the tribe in Osman’s Urdu aunt, and with the arrival of the Sultan of Khatun, Osman gained strength in the Kayi tribe, and in the first season, Osman was given mother status to Osman. Seljan Khatun suspects that Zahr Khatun is planning against Usman. Osman is looking for Yannis, Osman finds an old man in the bazaar, but he doesn’t recognize him, this old man is actually Yannis.

In the new episode, there is tension between Silcan Khatun and Zahr Khatun. When Osman tries to speak to Idbali, he realizes that he is not in the camp and goes to the secret location to find him. However, the person Osman meets is Yannis. What are the consequences of meeting Osman and Yannis that the audience wonders about? Kurulus Osman with Urdu translation.

What happened in the 6th episode?

Osman took over the healing of Bala Khatun from Yannis and Yanez revealed the secret behind Kulakahisar Castle, that he was acquitted of the murder charges against him, and also finished his unfinished novel with Dundar Bay. Edebalı, however, is not satisfied with a number of Osman’s actions. A place to find it. However, the person Osman meets is Yannis himself.

Comes against Silkan and Bölüm

What tensions will arise between Silkan Khatun and Zohar Khatun who came to Oba? Will Osman be able to find Edebalı? Will Sophia and Kalanuz tolerate the execution of Yannis? Which path will Edbali follow who lost Yarin? When do Osman and Idibali cross again? In short, will Osman be able to find Edebalı? Will Sophia and Kalanuz tolerate the execution of Yannis? How will Edibale follow who lost Yarin? When do Osman and Idibali cross again?

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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 06
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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 06
Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 06 Urdu Subtitles Watch the 6th episode of the new phenomenon Kurulus Osman Season 1 urdu Subtitles • Giveme5

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