Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 07
Kuruluş Osman Season 1

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 07

This is the 7th episode number of Kurulus Osman Season 1, subtitled in Urdu. They arrested Osman because they needed information to access the treasure. What is your request? 9 You will go to the castle as a messenger. Tell them: Idhbali will give them the powers they have to release Osman in return. In the Efendi we fought for many years to make our friends martyrs for them. Is it worth it for Osman9 that we have regained the glory of Akga Dervish’s Islamic world? But Osman has the value of the arche treasure.

Are we really going to give them the treasure, mv Fl’endi? If we can take Osman, T Yannis will be waiting. Let’s come with your father. You will go to the tents on Wharf 1. Bala. If something important happens there, we go to Orkat Chetan, India, the tents, which we cut off if necessary. As the father commands. Where we went at 11 a.m., a toilet came out of the floor and we will go to the floor. O girl our war hit me how will life work instead of blood? I hope it will flow … Press Hit Hit speak Where Edcbali9 speaks or T will tear you and your hearts apart in the Alps! Where is the 9 spoke approached? The place you want to be pulled into my heart is in the heart ^ I Turkish 1 If you are strong then take it! Demon come!

Can you hear it? 1 lions roar Sophia! You do not mourn! May our cells be filled with rotten black bones. Hold on, don’t bow down! God Jesus! (The Fxcr-I.iMne) Bo “ac My Rabb … He is being held in virginity, or Fon believes that you will go to heaven while this [trial] has not yet come to you as it did who died before you. (God is great) God is great (God is great) Silence God is great (God is great) Keep these dogs shut up 1 God is great (God is great) is a scene of my impeccable victory, Dundar Bey. We know who did that. Ask us now. Kayi’s Alps will invade Kulucahisar’s castle.

Why do you think it is Kulucahisar Bamsi Bey 9, Sophia and Kalanos came to our tents and she wants to befriend Wc so she knows who did it. O Sulkvman Shah … who is now sitting on your cloak 0 cannot even see the enemy. Fvcn T recognized this demon when I just arrived. How can you not see Sophia’s real face? 7 It’s not as fast as I came from Sclcan Halun. These borders have a critical balance and diplomats. If you hadn’t run away with your husband, you would have known there was no reason but words. She doesn’t look at each other and try to teach us diplomats.

Your period is over. Sclcan Halun H vc u Try to block our business and I won’t just say words, I know. Look at her in my hands and a stranger thinks she is sultan, don’t make me angry. Know your limit 7 ears! Shut up, Sclcan Halun, Sclcan Hatun. If you argue like that, T will cut banal tongues again. Now make the battlefield for men. Hattons. Go out! Dundar BC! Dundar Bc There seem to be some people who have forgotten about Kayi’s fuss here. Remind them of it.

Osman is my son, he won’t find any discomfort until he finds him, but the same is an “acr” binary that I thought toilet was ambushed like wolves to save Osman from the trap and roar like lions . The toilet would be as chic as foxes. Listen to me Udcomc Big Devil, you are a bow that changes the other.

Our greatest pleasure is driving you wild, the pain is making us feel bad, the suffering is easy, Osman is not very excited. We still have time, we will listen to your meaningful sentences, Princess Sophia, the welfare of my Turkish daughter will not cease. And look for Osman in the castle. You will see Fu as an angel. It could be easy, Osman. Gondo / Bey We cannot ignore the thrift hat. You go to the castle with Bamsey Bay and talk to Sophia. Make them mad, tell them.

T brought corporal greetings! Fat jackal meat slowly not dying I still need you Why do you do this? 9 What do you want from me. When we face each other, we have the same enemy. UBILISQ listened carefully, Osman Pdf’s life was a problem, but his corpse would bring more problems. Tell me where Osman is, why don’t I care about your father’s reputation? I can’t tell where Osman is. I don’t want Osman to live. I want him dead. Osman obstacle stands in the face of my dreams.

Hunting leads. When we have a meeting. He is speaking. Osman is always strong. And I was always residing. I can’t move forward while he’s there. Either I kill you this gold. There is nothing to think of when Yxi wants to hold Osman’s head off me. Tell me about selling it could kill my father. I’ll wait until tonight for newcomer Brian to sit down. But I won’t give you gold until I see his head.

It was a good deal. It was a good trip. Everyone is here. I’m here. someone. Is there no one? 9 You are there, son. Edibale! Who else you need 9 Vdbali 1 Where are you. 9 people loved in their hearts. Do not look for me anywhere else, thanks to God. I am desperate. I no longer have power. People who find true freedom in the way of Allah cannot be captured, son. Why do I suffer? Why do I suffer? Why do I suffer? Why do I suffer? How can I get rid of this? The treatment is hidden in the problem. You will see. Take it son to you, take it. Take it. Separate the dirt from the soil. Here’s how to learn to break up.

You will learn until your knowledge goes further. Science is a real treasure. Osman’s treasures are only visible to those who can see them. They believe that God who sees, hears, and knows everything. Forget vou9 Do you think his servant has come and shackle you 9 Get rid of your doubts, so I will.

Separate the dirt and get to the cabinet. There is no doubt about lightness with need. “There is no doubt about lightness with need. There is no doubt about a fall in need.” (Al-Inshirah 94: 5) There is no doubt about the comfort of need alone. . “No doubt, with adversity, there is lightness.” No doubt with the need for lightness “Well, no doubt with the need for lightness” Bala Hatton! Slower.

Your speed can rival your protection. We want you to go, but you get close. have no mercy. You don’t know what our morals are because you don’t know your limits. Since when do the Turks evict their guests? To say but you don’t know where to stop you’ve got your dark feet. You caused trouble. Osman will die because of you. How much blood do you want to shed? 7 Is it not from the gift of 9? Do you always cry when in trouble 9? Keep our hearts too. It shouldn’t even be destroyed in an accident. When you raise your hand again

I’ll take your eyes off, hello hatton. what happens? 9 we’re always in trouble because of them. And they stand at our door again without shame. Pala. Go to the tent, my daughter. Take care of your business 1 first. I forgot, let me remind you that you are Bai’s daughter. Your greatest jewel is decency. This is the first time Osman risks his life for Bala Hatton Vavin. You can’t get in between them.

This is the second thing that the Waves remembers. Don’t try my patience. This is the third. What happens to Andreas9 How do you enter here at Iakc price? Calm down in Sofia. Your old friend came to see you. Why are you ary9 soldier? Andreas will die if she takes another step. I brought a show.

Falkandi Yannis was right. Priest Marcus, you came here yourself. You will bring the treasure that I listen to. I won’t say a year until Yannis comes here. I’ll wait for him here. Hope I’m not bothering you. Have you heard of Osman Bev’1 Ni, but I know Red Dev 11 is at £ »this. The Kolukahisar demons are playing a game for us. They don’t know that we’re all armed with something that I hope we can destroy their castle. After Osman Bey returns, we will definitely do so. Oh Osman. I wonder what he looks like. Osman is the future of our tribe. God save him.

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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 7 Urdu Subtitle

Summary of previous episodes Tekfur Yorgopolos was assassinated and Osman was blamed, Dundar wanted to enter into a trade agreement with Tekfur Yorgopolos so that the tribe could prosper. Yannis is the head of a secret organization that seeks to destroy the Turks. Sheikh Adibali directs Osman, that he relieves Osman’s anger and advises Osman to use common sense, he killed Ibn Bamsi Bay, and Bamasi Bay wants revenge for his son. Osman was captured by Yannis.

Trailer for the 7th episode of Kurulus Osman.

Which brings together talented and successful actors from director Fathi Bayram and Ahmed Yilmaz, produced and written by Mohamed Bouzdagh under one roof, met with the audience. In the propaganda clip of the Osman Foundation, where Osman Bey was captured by Yannis in a treacherous trap, among the amazing details, in addition to all these details, Osman went back to the Kai tribe with his brother Gunduz Bey, and inquired from Zahr about Bala Hatton. Bala Hatton left the Kai tribe in Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 7 in Urdu.

In particular, Sheikh Adibali stresses that Osman Bey has the same value as a treasure and challenges his enemies with confidence, while Yannis, who has become infinite in his evil deeds, is afraid that he will change order and age. Bala Khatun holds him responsible for the accidents that happened to Osman Bey, while at the end of the propaganda clip of the Osman Foundation, Korolos Osman Season 1 Episode 7 in Urdu, Osman Bey’s words that will ignite the great war by standing tall before the enemy raises the level of excitement and tension to the next level.

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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 07
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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 07
Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 07 Urdu Subtitles Watch the 07 episode of the new phenomenon Kurulus Osman Season 1 urdu Subtitles • Giveme5

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