Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 17
Kuruluş Osman Season 1

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 17

This is episode 17 of season 1 of Kurulus Osman with subtitles in Urdu. I have a question. When we fight to secure our land … how will this world be? Everything is out of control. Economic turmoil Political conflicts. People are worried. The fearful and vulnerable Army of Justice was not as brave as the sons of the devil. The army of justice has been deceived. Lost his sincerity. The sons of the devil, who were free as a bird, began to attack to end mankind. But the Fire of Justice is once again kindled. The flag will rise from where it fell. The world will have order again.

This nation, with the permission of Allah, will destroy the devil’s army. (Inshallah) If we hold the defense in the tribe, it means that we have already lost the battle Our Alps will hold the 4 hills around us In the event of a sudden raid on the tribe, our Alps will infiltrate from the bed of the stream or the forest, to support us As your order Gunduz Bey How is the news of Sogut, Bamsi Bey? Gunduz Bey. I placed the Alps in Sogut as you ordered. They are prepared against the Balgay raid Thank you, Bamsi Bey. This … We have placed Alps on this hill of Kurna and on this hill of Sahin.

Now no one will be merciful who enters Sogut. Thanks, Bamsi Bey. Gunduz Bey. If Abdurrahman Gazi brought Dundar Bey … we should organize Salaat (prayer) for the funeral Abdurrahman Gazi is still not here, Bamsi Bey. What do you say Gunduz Bey? It’s so close that I hope they’re okay. I should go ask the Alpes My Bey. Alisar Bey approaches the tribe with the Seljuk soldiers. We will only let his head leave here My Batur. Do not leave me. son Don’t go my stepson Don’t leave me. son Take me too. Take me too, son. If Brother Batur knew that you went to the Mongols. that you asked Balgay for help would he look at you in the face What would he say? Shut up! I will not be silent.

If you haven’t made Gunduz Bey the subject, my brother may still be alive My brother died because of you What if you shut up now? oMt yo0 Shut up. I tell you! Shut up! Get out! Get out! Those who threw us away like we were nothing, won’t get away, son. May Allah take my life if it’s my fault you died. But I won’t stop until I get my revenge. May the earth never accept me until I take Osman’s life! Let it be haram (forbidden) for me, son! Let it be haram (forbidden) for me! I came to your oba as Sanjac Bey. Gunduz Bey.

The one who murdered my Alps, who shot me with arrows. Wasn’t that you? Alisar Bey? Now you are in front of me, you expect respect from me. with a worthless piece of script from the Mongols? Alisar Bey, this seat is the seat of Ertugrul Bey. It doesn’t suit us to let someone who becomes the Mongolian dog sit there. My Allah, to glorify your name, I started my journey with your name. My head that I raised against the bad guys. I only greet you, I only expect mercy from you. My Allah, in my fight against the enemy, does not make me fail. Don’t make me defeat. Do not make me one of those who seek fame and glory. Make me virtuous and strong The poor people who heard us must be safe The wicked who hears prayers must be afraid! Amen, This cruelty will be over. Times will change. Open your eyes. son. do not relax!

Whatever happens to Oguz, it happens in his sleep. Open your eyes, my son. to be alive! To be alive! When you walk, judgment will walk by your side. When you smile, mercy will smile by your side. When you fight against evil, patience will arise and people should see the state in you. It should be a state where judgment should be rekindled with it. Muslims must be at ease The wicked must be shaken by fear. Virtue should come back with it. The scale of justice is once again soaring.

The flag will rise from the ground where it fell. The world will be right again. Muslims will defeat the devil’s army, with the help of Allah! I am here on duty under the edict of the mighty Mongolian Governor Geyhatu. Both as a lord of banner, And as a brother who knows the nomadic tribes well We have no brother who yields to the oppression of the Mongols. About the banner lord part … As long as you’re fair. We do not cause you any problem. What is your duty? Let’s talk about it calmly, outside.

Geyhatu is aware of everything. He doesn’t want trouble at the border. What does Alisar Bey want then? That we give in to mad dogs like Balgay? So that we bow down and be silent against their oppression? I want to keep Geyhatu away from the border, Bamsi Bey! My duty is to take Osman to Konya Geyhatu wants to learn the laws of Genghis Khan, and what happened to Balgay. Otherwise, he will come personally If Geyhatu comes … Many tribes will thirst for Balgay. Now, Alisar Bey … Osman is not here. However, even if he was, neither your strength would be enough to take him, nor that of Geyhatu.

L’âge de l’oppression est révolu Alisar Bey! Désormais, c’est au tour de l’épée de parler. Celui qui parle avec une épée. Se fait taire par une épée. Nous n’avons peur de personne! Cependant, vous devez savoir que Geyhatu n’est pas satisfait de ce que Balgay a fait. Je suis ici pour accomplir la tâche que Geyhatu a ordonnée. Et vous faire une offre. Nous. Kayis. nous n’aimons ni les hommes ni les mots fantaisistes. Alisar Bey Dites ce que vous voulez. Balgay causant des ennuis ne sera pas fini tant qu’il ne sera pas mort. Nous le savons tous bien. Venez prendre les armes contre Balgay à mes côtés.

La rivalité entre Geyhatu et Balgay nous soutiendra. Nos intérêts sont partagés. N’oubliez pas! Les inondations vont et viennent, mais la terre demeure. Tout le monde part, mais Alisar reste Disons que nous devenons des sujets de votre seigneurie de bannière. Que recevrons-nous en retour? Vas-tu essayer de me tuer à nouveau. Et le rhum notre tribu avec des troubles9 Si je le voulais, je te tuerais Tu ne serais pas debout devant moi. Répondre à votre question. La tribu Kayi obtiendra ce qu’elle veut.

Et il donnera ce qu’il veut à n’importe qui. Et rien n’arrivera à Osman Que dites-vous Gunduz Bey9 Oh Bala. Cet Alisar revient. Selcan Hatun. J’ai entendu, chérie, j’ai entendu. J’étais en route pour le chercher Pour voir pourquoi il est venu et ce qu’il veut. J’ai peur qu’il soit de retour plus fort, Selcan Hatun. Il sera maintenant un plus gros problème. Tout comme nous l’avons dit, nous sommes libérés des problèmes mongols. Qu’Allah fasse en sorte que Gunduz ne montre pas son côté doux, Osman n’est pas là non plus. Si nous nous rendons à ce salaud, il sera au-dessus de nos têtes tous ensemble Lets. Il y a autre chose aussi.

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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 17 Urdu Subtitle

Tell me. honey Tell me We’ll find a solution. This Alisar. asked me once from my father. Selcan Hatun What do you say, Bala? It seems Osman doesn’t know. Nobody knows. Please. Don’t worry, honey. I won’t tell anyone. It’s good that you tell me first if Osman hears about it. he won’t let him live. We could get rid of him, but I’m afraid Osman will get hurt. Hold on honey. Wait. We will place the ambush behind the Black Forest.

Will Balgay use this path, my Bey9 Not Balgay The Caravan that carries the Byzantine Princess Adelfa will. What do we do with the Byzantine princess, my Bey? They want to join a Byzantine-Mongolian alliance by marrying Adelfa and Geyhatu. We will prevent it from My Bey. We are only two. Let me go to the tribe and let the Alps know No Boran This duty is important and secret. Only the two of us will do it. As your order, my Bey Your offer is something. You too, Gunduz Bey, your weapon and your mind are experts In times of trouble… you must make good decisions to protect us from the tyranny of Balgay. we have no problem with Geyhatu Gunduz Bey.

The owner is as guilty as his dog] Geyhatu has a lot of dogs. Bamsi Bey. Which one could he hold? We decided to pay our tax to Geyhatu and lead a peaceful life, Alisar Bey Gunduz Bey. This is a decision to be made by Beys. There were a lot of problems. There are many martyrs. You cannot decide for yourself. Gunduz Bey If you are the Bey of the tribe … sit on the seat. If you’re not … shut up, Bamsi Bey. When a snake bites a Muslim, it cannot be bitten in the same place again. Pull yourself together. Gunduz Bey.

They want to get rid of their poison. Don’t worry, so separated from its nearest Alps … to protect the tribe from the wrath of Geyhatu and Balgay. Only you can find where he is as Sanjak Bey. Osman is not our problem now. Alisar Bey said if Geyhatu comes you will look for Balgay We are looking for Dundar from day one. Gunduz Bey. Your unconsciousness will burn the tribe. You are not on the right track Bamsi Bey doesn’t know much about politics. Your job is hard. Gunduz Bey.

I have one more thing to tell you Bamsi Bey! What is it, Dumrul, why are you in a hurry? Bey, Abdurrahman Ghazi. What happened to Abdurrahman Ghazi? We found him in the forest, he is seriously injured. Erkut Alp … Abdurrahman Ghazi, where is he? Bey, the Alps took him to the healing tent No, no healing tent But he is badly injured. You don’t know these are Osman’s orders, there are hypocrites in the tribe, who are still loyal to Dundar Bey. you can never know what the Alps could do.

Dumrul, everyone will think Abdurrahman is dead We will do his treatment outside the tribe. Go to the healing tent, take whatever is needed. So tell Gunduz Bey without Alisar noticing Eyvallah. Come on my son. Come on The princess shouldn’t arrive in Konya No one accompanying her will be left alive. Will we also kill the princess, Bey? It is not right for us to kill an innocent woman. It would be nice if we had to kill her. But if anything could interfere with the mission, you know what to do. I know, Bey. When the fire starts, it burns everything. They arrive. Boran Bey. they are not crowded. Since they are on their own land, they trust each other too much. Because of them, they will be hunted down Abdurrahman unprepared? Abdurrahman, who did this to you. brother?

Who has? Open your eyes, if something happens to you, what will I say to Ertugrul Bey? What am I going to tell him? Open your eyes, brother, come on, don’t give up. He’s still got the pulse, and he’s breathing, he’ll be fine, okay. Ayaz? He has a pulse, but it’s weak, he had lost too much blood when I found him But you covered the wound, the bleeding stopped. Brother, come on. open your eyes, don’t sleep! How is Kilic alp? Kilic alp and Abdurrahman Ghazi are strong.

They are really strong. Abdurrahman is like a lion, he is strong. My brother is strong. But Erkut did not succeed. I know, I know My Allah, my great Allah The brave who died, they died for you. My Allah, accept them in your heaven. Accept them Ayaz, my Ayaz … Aren’t Dundar Bey and his other Alps here? No my Bey They killed men to kidnap Dundar Who would commit such a betrayal, my Bey? Ayaz … Dundar is not here. Alisar is in the tribe. It smells like Ayaz fish.

Now. when my Osman comes. Abdurrahman Gazi will be known as dead by all His treatment will continue here. As you order. Sponsors of the episode DIXY Chicken Stratford Road, Birmingham B11 4BP Oh, my brother Come on. open your eyes Oh, great Abdurrahman Gazi! My brave brother … Open them … Allah is awesome! God is great! Did you see where it came from ?! God is great! God is great! God is great! Princess. Please come on, you’re not gonna kill me. are you9 We did not come here to kill. We are here to save. There is no one here who could hurt you. But … I … not the princess. What does it mean’?! Who are you? It seems your life and that of the princess are in danger. I’ll do my best to save you both. Tell me who you are? Who are you? She’s still alive, my Bey. I’m sorry for our loss, Zohre Hatun Thank you, Alisar Bey. They killed my great Dundar.

Fire burns where it falls I know But we need terror, not rage. We spoke with Gunduz Bey. I want to take my mansion if you will allow me. And you will be at ease in the manner of Sanjak Bey. When our pains are gone, we will organize your wedding in a humble way. I give my consent. As soon as possible I want to leave this tribe which has become the cradle of dirt/games Your grudge has changed the peace of the tribe Your actions have taken two lives. Haven’t you come to your senses yet? Selcan Hatun. We know you. We know you so well.

Your life has passed with quarrels and arguments. I understand that but our pain is so fresh Shut up. Stop there, Selcan Hatun. I can still feel the heat of my rage. Don’t let my rage burn you too. I also don’t want to stay and get involved in the tribal unrest Because you are showing superiority. I also give my consent. Let us prepare and come to your house. But. I don’t want to leave my son here Gunduz Bey Let me bury him somewhere, I find Batur is dead and you want to send him back now ‘? Sister. It’s so sad that you don’t even deserve your son’s funeral You brought this trouble to us You caused your son’s death. Let him sleep with his ancestors. Stop, sister. Even though you are his mother, Batur is the grandson of Suleyman Shah. His land is here. No one will let you attend the funeral! Enough! Since when did you not follow the words of your Bey? Can’t you hear what she says?

They played all of these games. They even collaborated with the Mughals and ambushed Osman in the midst of the Selcan Hatun tribe over Gunduz Bey. We love customers who know their place Bala Hatun. Don’t cross the line. Bala is my daughter! She’s not a guest! And the things she says are not lies! When did you forget what happened? If Bala is your daughter. Then take your daughter to the tent. Keep on going! Don’t make me do something I’ll regret. Alps! Prepare a cart.

You will take Batur’s remains to Zohre Hatun. If you are not Princess Adelfa, then where is she? I can’t tell you that. We both know that Princess won’t gladly be a Mongolian mistress. • / What difference does it make? If a thug doesn’t understand her. another will. I’m afraid she’ll get hurt. If you don’t tell me where she is, she’ll be hurt. Because of you, however. Princess Adelfa will be taken to the road to Engri. Please be nice to her. The Byzantine plot never ends. And our thirst for martyrdom never stops! Exactly, my Bey. This caravan was just a trap at the time But why did they do this? We will learn that when we face them, Boran.

We will cross the mountains and head towards the road to Engri. This will be their itinerary. We will ambush them here even if only one person is still alive. Geyhatu will understand that it was us. And the princess She will die too. What happened Cerkutay? You’re as sweaty as an ox at work. ueiuso chases Geyhatu’s warriors one by one who protects the caravan. It doesn’t make sense for us to attack. Let Osman work for us. He should clean the fish and – we can take it from him.

The world will get back to order. This nation will destroy the devil’s army, by order of Allah Osman Bey will he be able to prevent the Mongol-Byzantine alliance? What kind of plan will Dündar put in place against Osman Bey? Alisar, Osman Season 1 Bolum 17 which has the support of the Mongols, will he be able to restore his authority in the extreme region? What will Balgay do for revenge? What types of difficulties await Mr. Gündüz in his duty as a principality?

What happens in the last episode?

I promise you an honorable death, Balgay, Dündar, which appears when Osman Bey and the Alps ambushed Balgay, then Dündar and his guard defies the Osman Bey, Osman Bey makes Dündar pay the price for his collaboration.

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