Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 18
Kuruluş Osman Season 1

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 18

This is episode 18 of season 1 of Kurulus Osman with subtitles in Urdu. Father Tell me, my daughter. What is that? You obviously have a problem. Say it. There are things you should know, father. / Aygul Hatun There are some serious issues. Excuse us. This episode was sponsored by ramadhangiving com / read-foundation What is Alisar Bey? Gunduz Bey and the other Beys come here. I want to restore the order as Sanjak Bey. You are doing what is right. I want to ruin Gunduz now. Come back to the tribe as Bey rule the Kayi tribe again Why not? What … are we going to do for Osman.

Alisar Bey? And there is Balgay if I take the Bey tent. Osmans’ response to this is obvious that Balgay is also our enemy. They can establish an alliance with Osman. We may have to fight with both forces. If Osman and Balgay are in an alliance … then that means the end of time is here Don’t say it can’t happen Alisar Bey has seen a lot in this life So we will teach both of them a lesson. Geyhatu is with us.

He wants Osman and the Laws of Genghis from us. The important thing is that you stand as strong as a rock. Then. . Gunduz should go to jail when he arrives, eh? He should die if necessary. He should see what comes with running over me and taking the Beys tent. Then it’s Osman and Balgay’s turn. Alisar Bey. My heart burns with the flames of vengeance. Let it be forbidden (forbidden) for me to breathe … by tearing out both of their hearts. forbidden (forbidden) … Where are the JIaws, Osman? Now that we agree. You are now ready to face death with me.

Tell me where the laws are. Why are these laws so important to you? 9 When it comes to Genghis Khan, we are ready to burn the whole world down. Osman! He brought us from being poor to rich From being weak to powerful. We haven’t had a country once. now we control the whole world You worship Genghis like he was a god The only power you worship is combat and raiding. But you don’t have the soul to reinforce this victory. Souls are with us. All shamans give us power. What are you talking about? In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

O deniers … You asked for a victory, here is your victory. [8:19] If you [disbelievers] seek the victory – the defeat has come to you If you stop opposing the Prophet it will be good for you If you continue to object we will also object Even though you are numerous. it won’t do you any good. Allah is with the believers. You are all ruined. We control your land. We control your palaces. Your sons and daughters serve us. You pay taxes every year Where is your God. What is he doing? Do not be arrogant because of the time that Allah gave to the wicked What Pharaoh and Nimrod said. was just like what you say now. When Allah decides to unleash His wrath … Neither your warriors nor your Noyans can protect you.

There is no need for more words, where are the laws? I need to see if you’re telling the truth first. Is my uncle at Alisar mansion? My informant bird told me. I haven’t heard them lie to me until now We’ll see. Do you have water? I will do the ablution, then I will pray. We can leave after that. Is it time to pray? Our enemies are waiting. We do not favor anything by kneeling down before our Lord.

To wait for a little. Put it there. What is he doing? He will be purified. It will close again. How can you trust him, Commander Balgay? £ Who Said I Trust Him? He tried to run over me and save his ^ tribe at the first chance he had ✓ We’ll wait a while. Pay attention. Keep your eyes and ears open. All the preparations are complete Gunduz Bey We are waiting for your order Everyone will keep their eyes open Ayaz We don’t know what this dog Alisar will do with the Alps’ If we are ambushed there We will turn this place into hell for them. As you order, my Bey! Mashallah! Mashallah my brave men! Mashallah! Mashallah to my brave men!

The Iisee * armies love steel. / This is what my Gunduz, my Gunduz Bey deserves! You told me that reputation passed before the Bamsi Bey sword. You told me that I would use the power of fear to bring my enemies to their knees. And we try to turn your words into deeds as best we can. Mashallah Gunduz. My Gunduz. I will be next to the tribe. It is obvious that Alisar will do something if things go wrong. I will prepare the people for a rebellion from now on. I will turn us all into an army. We are a military nation.

May Allah not let Uncle Alisar make such a mistake. ^ Inshallah. (Allah willing) Any news from Osman, Bamsi Bey? Oh, Gunduz, I’m worried about that too. It’s been a long time Boran? Where is my Osman? Boran? Check this out. We can slit his throat if we want. He’s not afraid of anything Dying for his belief is what a Muslim wants most. He has faith, strong as a rock If we had any part of his belief. the world would kneel before us. My Allah. Let me be one of those on the right track. There is no other God than you. You are magnificent. (infinity).

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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 18 Urdu Subtitle

You are the Lord of the sky composed of 7 layers and the space that I keep you away from any kind of inappropriate names Thank you only Allah, the Lord of all worlds My Allah. Make my sword sharp Make me take the right steps. Make us victorious against the oppressors, my Allah! (May Allah grant victory to Muslims all over the world and free them from oppression) (Ameen) Father! Father Goktug! My husband! Ameen! Let’s go now. We have wasted time because of you. Balgay1 What is the rush? There is a price to pay for taking the road with me. You are already afraid. Wait! We should go there separately … sc! That our alliance is not obvious to Let’s! What are you doing Boran?

What do you mean you left with s Tell me! What kind of mountain pasture are you? How could you have done this? Boran? It was my order from Osman Bey, I cannot question it. He gave it to me and told me to leave. So I came. My Bey has a plan for sure. Alps, we are not going to Alisar mansion. You will not leave a corner of the forest that is not patrolled. You won’t come back until you find my brother Eyvallah Bey! Let’s go! Gunduz Bey. What! Our guest is important.

Niece of the Byzantine Emperor, Princess Adelfa So the Emperor’s niece, eh? And ^ If Osman Bey didn’t stop her, she would be forced to marry Geyhatu. If the marriage took place, it would be the end of many Oghuz in these lands. That’s why my Osman sent you and the princess to risk his life. My Bey. Osman Bey ordered me to entrust the princess to you. His identity must be hidden.

No one should know. May Allah protects Osman Welcome to the Kayi tribe, princess. Aunt Selcan, please take care of our guest But people shouldn’t learn his identity. I am grateful. Hope I won’t be a nuisance to you. You are a visitor sent by Allah, you are welcome here. Bala, come with us. This way. girl Oh Osman1 What kind of danger have you put yourself in. Risk your life like this? Gunduz Bey. I will follow him. too. if you allow me. There is a secret in this matter, my Gunduz. There is something. What’s the matter, Bamsi Bey? Gunduz, if Osman kidnapped the princess and Balgay was also there.

There will be no fight. there will be peace. Balgay will want to make an alliance with Osman Make love and wisdom, my child So that the dark clouds over the world of Islam may disappear May this laziness and idleness cease May the fire of resurrection be rekindled. As you say my Sheykh. Always let me use my mind and my heart for you my Allah You won’t stop, you won’t calm down 7 I don’t want mom. You are not ashamed of the things you have done, but I am. My dad will learn anyway.

I should be the only one telling him. If you tell him. if Dundar Bey learns. You know very well what will happen to me. You act without thinking Aygul. Our future is uncertain. You think a lot before you act mom. It’s obvious from your mother. You have always compared Brother Batur and Osman. You falsely accused Osman just to point out my brother. You manipulated my father into being angry with him. And it wasn’t enough, you went there and it wasn’t enough. It was not enough, I did that, you are right Your father could not handle this and as a mother. I did the right thing Listen, your dad is talking to Alisar Bey. who was named Sanjak Bey by Mongolian order. On how they’re going to hunt Osman. How are we different?

My father is a Bey. The whole tribe is under his responsibility. Borderlands is in turmoil. It is his duty to do what politics demand. And you7 Was it your duty? My father is faithful to his tribe and to his tradition. You betrayed, mother! The difference between you two is your betrayal. If you think that. my child, let it be. A mother does all she can to protect her children. But what should this mother do if this child calls her a traitor? My only concern is my family. I want you to be well Know this.

If anything happened to you, I would. even if my only hope is the Mongol Rather than throw you in the fire, I will burn myself. I will be silent on one condition: mother Tell my father yourself. If he hears anyone else, it will be worse for you. Helen Where is Princess Sofia? They said she was not in the castle. She went to an important meeting Why am I not informed as to the commander of the castle? You couldn’t find where Osman was even though you had promised, Salvador. You better think about it, I think. I know everywhere and in all the holes where they can go. Our soldiers are chasing him everywhere ^ Sooner or later You’ll find sooner or later I’m sure.

Princess Sofia thinks so. as well as. Helen. Alisar Bey needs to hear the truth. Okay. Master Yannis’ spy. If he’s come this far, it must be important news. UBLUSQ He’s back. And with Balgay They allied against Princess Sofia Impossible Osman wouldn’t be Salvador, Salvador You still don’t know Osman And you say you will find him InshAllah. Osman will not be in trouble because of a Byzantine Hatun. Bala, girl. Is jealousy in your veins? No / mother Selcan.

I’m worried about Osman Now that it’s time, a word from Mother Selcan. Remember. Osman is a famous brave man, a madman. Sophisticated, handsome There will be a number of Hatuns who want to be his wife. You have to put up with them. Hay, MashAllah. How is it? Are you OK? You are very beautiful my princess daughter We should establish a house here for you We have a number of brave Alps near my Osman Bey. We can marry you with one of them. They can’t give you palaces like Geyhatu. But they make their tent a palace for you. When I would rather go to hell instead of this wedding … Believe me, it is heaven here. Come. Tell us. How did it happen?

Messengers have been coming to Constantinople for months. Geyhatu eventually convinced the Emperor by sending gifts and letters that I didn’t want. I prayed a lot. I begged a lot for this wedding not to take place. Thank God Jesus Christ heard me. He introduced me to Osman Bey. Geyhatu’s plans are prevented by my Osman, thank you, Allah. Or who knows what Mongolian dogs would do behind our backs. This episode was sponsored by ramadhangiving.com/read-foundation Osman Bey is a true hero. He saved me from these bad guys You should have seen him He risked his life for me He’s a real hero.

May Jesus Christ protect him. May Mother Mary protect him If anything happens to Osman Bey, I will never forgive myself. My daughter, I have to take care of certain things. Please take care of the princess Don’t worry. Mother Selcan Go to www.OsmanOnline co. uk IG: OsmanOnline co UK Snapchat: OsmanOnlinel It seems that the things Balgay has done have bothered Geyhatu He wants to put some order. And he wants to do it through you. Ever since he shared his plan for tidying up with you.

This means that you still have the support of the government. There is no “me” Dundar Bey. now there is “us”. We are already bound by a bond of life. When we are connected with blood, no one can overcome our covenant. We will start with the Kayi tribe. Back to your chair. We cannot do it with words alone. A bloody fight awaits us. My son’s revenge is like an iron leash around my neck. I can not sleep. I need revenge on my Batur. When you take control of the tribe and are the Kayi Bey and the Sanjak Bey, the rest is easy, with the help of Allah.

Season 1 Episode 18 Kurulus Osman in Urdu Subtitles,

When Zöhre Hatun brought the body of his son Batur with her, the Dündar Bey had the opportunity to say goodbye to his son. Dündar, who did not know that his son’s murderer was Alişar Bey, burst into tears. : my living room, my son! Does that suit you on the black ground! Will it be okay for you to disappear when you are young? I’ll bury it in the ground. My anger is my leash push, it will work with me with every step! There is another Dundar in front of them now. I will crush them one by one like insects! ”He swore revenge with his words. Season 1 Episode 18 Kurulus Osman Urdu subtitles.

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