Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 20
Kuruluş Osman Season 1

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 20

This is episode number 20 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu subtitles. These savages use our brave men against us. Be yourself right away. Go back to your roots Goktug Remember that everything turns on itself Dogs to dogs Wolves to wolves. Oh. look, I have the same too Of course, son. It’s on all men since your grandfather llktegin Alp Balgay! I’ll make you pay for this, Balgay! This episode was sponsored by ramadhangiving com / read-foundation The fire in your heart will not be quenched by your tears, brother.

I’ll call you back one by one. Om Mb0a Our mother. What the Mongols Did As long as this Balgay dog ​​lives, every breath he takes is Haram (forbidden) to me, brother. Where are you going Goktug9 Stop, my brother I’m going to go to Konya I’m going to skin Balgay! I’ll make him bleed to death, my brother! Now is not the time to kill Balgay, brother. What do you say brother? What do you say after all he’s done? Brother Sometimes an aive enemy is more useful than dead. We need him alive now. You know we have allied with him.

We have allied with him. You will continue as if nothing had happened. You will continue like this. Balgay will show a safe place. All the wasted years, all the years you didn’t know who you were … can only return with forgiveness and purity. Repeat now, after me. I testify that (there is) no god except Allah, ‘I testify that (there is) no god except Allah, ^ and I testify that Muhammad is His servant and messenger.

“And I testify that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger.” You should have seen Osman’s face when he heard that Zorba was killed. He has become extremely mad Osman is merciful, he forgives. But his anger is as great as his mercy. But he won’t let go of this until he makes Dundar pay for what he did. It is obvious what the end result will be. Everyone has learned what happened after all. Selcan Hatun. Yes, Burcin. Hell broke loose. Osman Bey has gone so mad And you are sitting here. We are not in a race to learn everything that has happened.

Therefore, we wait and learn things when the time is right. If so, then you didn’t hear it from me … Burcin, tell us what you’re going to say I said you didn’t hear it from me. Burcin. I adored your late mother. that is why I support you. But you are testing my patience, say so now. If you want to learn it so badly, I will. It was not good for Osman to do this the day Aygul was going to get married. What Osman Bey Did 9 Osman Bey came with great force in front of the tent. He said, “I won’t let you marry Aygul and Alisar, uncle” Burcin, what are you talking about 9 What does Osman have to do with Aygul’s marriage? I don’t know about it. Bamsi Bey and Gunduz Bey didn’t really calm him down They said it was necessary because he had crossed the line But they didn’t say enough.

What did Osman say crossing the line? I won’t let Aygul marry Alisar “What else did he say? Nothing big, all his problem was with Aygul, after What problem does Osman have with Aygul? After all the trouble, Dundar Bey has gone mad. He also revealed a secret which he did not tell anyone It turns out that he gave Aygul’s hand in marriage to Osman in time Osman Bey must have been sorry. ‘he made such a scene among all these people You provoked me Selcan Hatun. I didn’t want to say it You made me do it. Keep an eye on Osman, my nephew. He openly threatens us We lose our sanity when anger is entering his heart, uncle. What is wrong, my son? can control uncle However … If we become prisoners of our anger, it will only harm us. What will we do brother ? What are you implying? If we take my uncle in front of the tent, There will be blood, brother

We will carry not only the flag of courage, but also the flag of mercy. My uncle cannot see past the fog in front of him. Let him go to the wedding Ok brother, but let’s not help Alisar get what he wants. Let Alisar think he’s cheating on everyone my brother We shouldn’t be seen together, so my uncle can walk near you. What is this son? What are you planning? For him to understand t I will face my uncle and Alisar. So, we will get rid of this problem once and for all. How is this going to work my brother? Thanks to brother Aygul Since everything points to Aygul Since Alisar plays all his games through Aygul. We’re going to ruin all of his games because Aygul Osman doesn’t know what he’s saying. He does, nephew Look, listen to me about it. If he gets tired of smoking the party.

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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 20 Urdu Subtitle

Please know that we will have no more words to say. When the dust rises You can’t see what awaits you Dundar Bey What more can I do Bamsi Bey9 I was an uncle: it didn’t work. I tried to be a parent to him: it didn’t work. And now he comes to me and tells me that I can’t let Alisar marry Aygul. He has gone completely mad. If anything happens to us. It will all be his fault, you should know that. Now. be strong Dundar Bey. I will go talk to him. It would be good. He will listen to you. I didn’t have time before. One of you is the Bey of my tribe, and the other is the people of my tribe. Don’t leave me alone at the party. Don’t worry uncle. I won’t leave you or Aygul alone. We will be there for the wedding feast. Thank you, Father, I will come with you if you allow me. The road is not sure. And you call me father without shame? Is there any other danger than your existence?

It’s not necessary. Don’t shade, I’ll only need it My father still doesn’t want me, Gunduz Bey. When the wedding feast is fixed, perhaps it “softens, my Bahadir.” My Osman Mashallah. As I see you healthy and alive. I am really happy. Abdurrahman Ghazi. Thanks my Osman Hey, Mashallah. Ghazils white beard moves like a war flag, my Bey He can outshine any man who believes in himself. We have more guns to swing and more evil people to shoot, my Osman There will be many that will cause trouble for those who are ngh So Abdurrahman Ghazi, tell what happened. Who is behind this wickedness? Allah knows, I first thought of Balgay when we were ambushed. But we saw Alisar. Alisar. Alisar Bey.

Don’t kill Abdurrahman Ghazi. And Melik who is his main man holding the Dundar flag didn’t want us to be killed. But Alisar kidnapped him Alisar. So Alisar wants to corner my uncle. Yeah, Osman Things got mixed up, my Bey. There is nothing mixed up about Boran. Alisar is behind every problem. Allah knows it. Alisar could be behind Batyr’s murder. Not just Batur. Abduction of Princess Adelfa and Zorba Incident Zorba was her closest man. So he doesn’t want us to know what he knows. He doesn’t want us to see something he’s seen. And he killed him But my Osmaivwhere’s ^ sjLj ^ ui jepuno He’ll show it to us all by himself. But all that is unknown leads back to Alisar. What are we going to do? my Bey? What are you thinking about? We’ll teach Alisar that he can’t play with us! Abdurrahman Ghazi.

Yes. Osman 9 Stay with Kilic alp, until he falls into my trap, follow him. Eyvallah Osman. Kilic. I have prepared the best room for you Commander Boke, rest first. We can talk later. First, you need to prepare your own grave. When Geyhatu learns what happened, he will bury you alive. Why am I going to pay for your incompetence, Commander Boke? You are just as responsible for what happened as I am. It’s revealed now, our secret deal with Sofia. Geyhatu is going to make us both pay for this. We’re gonna clean up this mess together How? We will find Osman and kill him. We will do it together. Do you think Osman’s death will be enough to save us, Alisar Bey? Alisar Bey has yet to play his last card. I will contact Sofia and do what is necessary. Osman will die. He must.

In the next episode .. Come on girl. Let’s go. My brother left because of you. Because of you. They beat me, my brother. Look. Save me, Brother Batur. Save me, there you go. You are thirsty. We were unable to renew. I don’t know you, Osman? Kurtulus Osman Season 1 Bolum 20 in Urdu Subtitles I wouldn’t be able to catch up if I was on the back of a hawk, not if you wanted to. This is the first time that my heart trembles, Osman. I am very happy. Your heart is bowed.

My Bala is like steel in his faith, his faith. Not that in happiness is a test like pain. This is why your heart trembles. We will both take these exams. The banners that we have planted in the towns of Keffer we are going to go further with our children. I am with you as much as I can, Osman. I don’t know if I can give you a son. But the only thing I know is that my life is sacrificed in this way. My Lord knows the best. May my Lord does not separate you from me. It will happen if we believe. Not with my mind, I say with my heart. We will have children. Our lineage will work.

Hope Osman. God willing. May my Lord act on us on behalf of those who are disappointed. He always believed in those who do good deeds of those who advise each other righteousness and patience. Amine. The day will come, our room will be filled with the voices of our children. At this time of the united Turkish camps, the holy state will be established. The name of the order of justice and freedom will be heard from beyond.

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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 20
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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 20
Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 20 Urdu Subtitles Watch the 20th episode of the new phenomenon Kurulus Osman Season 1 urdu Subtitles • Giveme5

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