Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 21
Kuruluş Osman Season 1

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 21

This is episode 21 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu subtitles. Dad! I will cut you off with my own hands Osman. I’ll feed you to the birds! My uncle is not dead. Bahadir. Dad. Dad. Dad. Bahadir is there. Dad! Bahadir is there. My son. Bahadir. How did you find me Aygul Aygul, father? She brought us Oh, my Aygul My brave daughter My heroic daughter If my father was dead I would burn you to death in a tent Kayi, Osman! Bahadir. You are responsible for the things you find yourself in the afterlife … Bahadir.

You are responsible for the things you receive afterlife, the things you say in this life. I do not count. I hold people accountable, Osman! Bahadir, my son. We brought the princess safe and sound to where Osman Bey said Thanks to Allah, we also accomplished this mission. brother We got together, together. we will win a lot of fights together. Brother Inshallah. What are we going to do now? brother? Go to tribe7 What is it, have you missed tribal life?

Yes, brother. I did it. We will go to the brother of the tribe and you will go to the Alisar mansion. If anything happens. you will let us know. It is not good for you to come to the tribe now brother Eyvallah, I have waited all my life, I can wait a little longer Be careful brother We have too many enemies. My brother is Konur alp, no enemy can hurt me. Don’t worry about me, my brother. The fate of a soldier is to die while fighting. If not for today, one day for sure. Give me your blessings. The Alps, come on, you will die Osman! I will kill you! I need Osman alive. Don’t cross the line. Boke, he killed my brother. It’s our right to kill him! Control your anger, young, Or I’ll kill you instead of Osman!

Commander Boke! It’s our business, Osman will die! Everything in these lands is Geyhatu’s business, then mine, Dundar Bey. Well, you are all fighting for me. I have enough anger for all of you. You will tell the great Geyhatu about it. I feel bad for you. Its cruelty is even greater than its power. We don’t walk around with a leash on our neck And we don’t sell our soul to anyone More importantly we don’t know of any power other than Allah ‘How dare you interfere in our tribal affairs 7 Osman killed my child, you do not understand?! If you put your hand on it, I will kill your other child and make you eat its meat until you vomit. Dundar Bey! Commander Boke! »Y» y See, Boran? We’re at the feast of the crows They squeak at each other’s throats Tie them up The day you die. Osman will one day be holy for me! Since the biggest problem is related. Your end has come. Osman Zohre Hatun!

Do not do that. Zohre Hatun! I don’t want to hurt you or hurt you If your husband or your child found out that you were shot while escaping … They would be upset. Let’s go. Behave I will make you pay for today and what happened in the past I will obey your order harshly But remember my words very well. As long as he lives, no one even Geyhatu will relax. You … What do you think of Commander Boke? His blood is mine. I say! Can’t you hear? Enough is enough.

My bey. they obviously don’t want to kill us. Geyhatu wants me alive. Be ready. Boran We will finish Boke at the first opportunity and let them slip away. As you say, my Bey. Alisar Bey. Tell me what’s going on, Alisar Bey. You said you would give me Osman You said you would make him pay. I said that. But. . Geyhatu wants Osman. i / MM Don’t you still understand that Osman is alone. Dundar Bey9 He wants to know who is supporting him. Osman polluted where he shouldn’t. I will take him to Konya myself. When Geyhatu is done with Osman … you will look him in the eye. I promise I’ll go to Konya with you.

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But we will finish our work in the tribe. Did you understand 7 Uncle! Don’t trust that Alisar and be disrespectful enough to want my father’s seat Are you still talking? All the tribesmen who trusted you and have my son’s blood on their hands, I will kill them all, Osman. I go. All! All! Dundar Bey. Give me your men. I will take Osman and the Alp with him to Konya. As you wish. Commander Boke. You can’t imagine how upset I am not to see you at my wedding. Osman Be careful. Alisar1 You cannot know what will be in the dowry chest. The biggest danger is eliminated. I’m gonna have Zuhre Hatun Wait and hear me. My bey. What are we going to do? Come to our death like this? If necessary, yes.

We will not let our dignity as Muslims. We won’t kneel before them for some benefit. Enough, what are you talking about? You don’t understand what we’re talking about. Boke We speak the language that made Kaiserie Kayseri and Ikonia Konya. Do not talk. Osman, that’s the whole story now. We will get rid of you all. What you call history now will turn into an epic one day and defeat you all. The Mongol storm has put out your fire. We enslaved many Turks.

Let’s see if you can be so talkative in front of the great Geyhatu. You’re rushing, Boke. The Turks are like sparks – * / flames in a storm You think of us so few. But even one of us is enough to burn the whole world Go. we won’t stop until we get to where we left the horses! You are in the deep waters. Kilic alp, you drown. Don’t worry Zohre Hatun. Osman Bey can hold his breath in these waters, is his hand long enough to save you too? My Bey. Dundar Bey. Yes, Dundar Bey.

The Dundar Bey whose wife you detained. The Dundar Bey you attacked while taking his daughter’s dowry And tortured Kneel! You came, my Bey! You saved me from these bandits! Can my life be sacrificed on your Dundar Bey Osman path? Geyhatu will. Don’t worry Hatun Our era has started Where is Bahadir? I told you that our era has begun. It is a blessed day. Bahadir went to meet the Beys. To ignite the flame of rebellion! He will prepare all the arrangements.

The sun will set for the last time, For Gunduz and his accomplices Stop wandering! Alisar Beyi has arrived! Alisar Bey. My father, my mother For the love of Allah tell me that they are well. No crime will go unpunished Aygul. Osman has exhausted us all, With his folly, his inability to be logical, and his ambition, He has hurt us. He killed. Now he is walking towards his own ends. And those who deserved salvation were of course saved. Smile now! Your father went to get Zohre Hatun.

And Bahadir is on duty. They will be here soon. My Allah … Thank you, Allah! Thanks, Alisar Bey. Let us unite with my mother and my father. Then we will punish those who deserve it. We will avenge my brother. I don’t know what we would do if it weren’t for Alisar Bey. May Allah be pleased with you May Allah be pleased with you. Beautiful Aygul Hatun. Since you came here, my mansion has become a home. And my house has become a rose garden at last I know several days during which I returned to this mansion in a troubled state of mind The sun has never shone like that.

When I entered the yard. Thank you, Allah. You’re too nice If you don’t mind, I have some business to take care of. I have something to attend. We can talk later. Alisar Bey. where is Osman Bey? Is he still alive? Osman goes to Konya, he will be interrogated by Geyhatu But if a man is interrogated by Geyhatu himself. There won’t be much left of him. Where is Osman Bey? Speak! If you speak. I’ll kill you soon, you won’t feel any pain.

I saved your life again, Kongar. Why don’t you kill him? What does he know he’s still alive? He knows where this Osman dog is. but he doesn’t speak Where’s Osman? If you don’t talk, I’ll flay you alive! Boke took Osman They’re going to Konya They’re taking Osman to Geyhatu. Let’s be quick Balgay is waiting for you How did you hear about the meeting of the priests Margaret 9 Did your uncle, Sungurtekin tell you? Speak Osman, or I’ll torture you to Konya Where is Princess Adelfa? You didn’t suffer from anyone else as much as you suffered from my grandfather Suleyman Shah. You have suffered no one more than the children of my grandfather Suleyman Shah. It’s only a beginning. I won’t tell you what I know. You are thinking about your own problem. Tell us what you’re hiding, Osman. Speak! Geyhatu won’t let a loser like you live when we get to Konya. it will take your head first.

 Kurulus Osman Episode 21 in Urdu Subtitles in Urdu

With the girls trained by Bala Hatun with Osman Bey’s men, we’re going to sew our bricks everywhere. With Allah’s permission, we will also see on these days. Hope Osman. Let’s go. What are we so sad about? You said race, then race. Obaya wins first. Kurulus Osman Episode 21 in Urdu Subtitles in Urdu They rushed into a marriage association. From horse to ram sheep stallion, they slaughtered a male camel from the camel. They slaughtered a ram of the sheep. They wasted the fresh bride.

Listen, we were calling these flowers with my brother Batur. I will wear it on our bride’s head at the wedding. Sounds good daddy? For an angel, what is not a good girl? When I get married, Kurulus Osman Season 1 Bolum 21 in Urdu Urdu subtitles I will dress everywhere with such spring flowers. We will equip my daughter. Sir, what will happen to this girl? Should we find a scarecrow renowned as a skilled healer? Whatever we do, we need a cure.

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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Urdu Subtitles Episode 21
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