Kurulus Osman Season 2 episode 6
Kuruluş Osman Season 2

Kurulus Osman Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles Episode 06 Bolum 42

Kurulus Osman Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles Episode 06 Bolum 42

This is episode 06 (42) of season 2 of Kurulus Osman and episode 32 of Kurulus Osman. I won’t tell you anything. My father will bury you alive. The secret has been solved. The secret has been solved. Komral Abdul. Tell us. You wanted me to go see, that’s what I did. I have news for you. What is it? Tell us about the things you discovered, Komral Abdul. Osman captured one of our greatest forts …

This is episode 06 (33) of season 2 of Kurulus Osman and episode 32 of Kurulus Osman. Osman oglum nerede? I will save my country. Thanks my God. Oglum nerede? Yamandaki Kim? Monko! Monko? Monkey … Oglum! Monk. Oglumu esir gibi getirecek cureti nereden buldunuz? We have brought your son the way he deserves. Like a mad dog. You are looking for traitors. Here is. You can call this dog the “son or the traitor.” It’s your decision, Guihato. Brave children of Rome! Today is the day of war! He rolled the dice. Today we will fight for our sacred lands … the future of the children … our honor if we lose Kill me the moment you see me, it only happens because of my pride! It means I signed your death will to send you to war. I am not ready, but I wrote “The will of the Turks to die … not my madness” and not “my warriors” our lands! Bizimdir .. Zafer Bzumdir .. Zafir Bzumdir .. The victory is ours! Enter the secret passage from here and I will open the door for you. Qayyis will take care of Jihato .. when we defeat Kolukahisar.

As I ordered … the regent would poison the Alps before the attack. Dear Hélène, the day has come. Our day has come. Thanks Techfor Nicola. In order to get revenge on Sophia. You know what to do, Helen. Do not worry. If he was facing me, I would have killed your son and your soldiers without seeing. Soldiers were killed before the raid. And your traitorous son was not there. Did you know where it was? He tortured me to find out how I had discovered his nest. Nor anlatir bunlar Mbngke? They’re lying, dad. We have a lot to tell you. Our mind is sharper than ours, Guiato. Do not forget it. Sizi dinleyecegim Hayatta kalmak igin dece bir firsatimz var. Geyhatu … Either you believe in the tales that will lead you to death … or you will believe in the truth that will keep you alive. It’s your choice. Sen Bamsi Bey Olalycin … Yes. Now keep your eyes open. To be fair. So my face won’t be the last you see before you die. Hepsini otag ’da tek tek … Dinleyecegim Bana neler oldugunu in ba§indan … Anlatacaklar. the Alps! O my Lord … O my Lord … Keep yourselves with us, Lord. Keep the Bey with us, Lord. Hey healer! (Al-Shafi) Oh healer! (Al-Shafi) Oh healer! (The Healer) Be careful! Close the doors! For Byzantine love! Oglum bana tuzak kurdu … Hem de beni oldurmek igin.

He is ready to train you in Sogiit. They were going to kill you in Sogut and blame Osman for it. They want to use your anger against Osman, who killed your commander, Guihatu. Can not you see? Kim Bunlar Dundar Bey? Apparently your naughty son was not alone. Enough! Cecine bag! Yaflak Arslan. Sen ne dersin bu i $ e? Ertugral Bey is licensed by my father. We are also from the Kayi generation. I cannot blame Erturul Bey … and his sons. victory is ours! Byzantine is revived! How do you listen to them, dad? Sesame bag. Bag! Shut up. Shut up. Iki tarafi da dinledim … I listened to both parts. I listened to both sides. One scale corresponds to the words of your son … the other scale corresponds to the words of Kayi Beys. Sen Benim Yremdi Ulsan. Nee Idrin Bamsy Bey? I won’t believe both sides. Words hide intentions. How the night hides all ugliness. How that makes the truth sleep. Those who act with words hit the wall of truth. Unless Savgi Bay, Osman Bey, and your son … provide proof, they are not innocent. Kayilann adaletli oldugu soylenirdi … Bunu diyenler hakliymi§. So listen, Geyhatu. The measure of righteousness is your life … and the other is your son of your blood. Now … you have to prove that your ancestor is Cengiz Han in this case. Sozlerinizin ispati var mi? I sacrificed my life for you, dad … I went into many wars … I was on the verge of death … What else do you want? Bag! Sercutai … your son blew it up when … he tortured my brother.

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Korolos Osman Season 2 Episode 6 Urdu Subtitled

He intended to make me foggy by putting me between me and Lina. He came to this Oppa for nothing, Jonka. Let’s see that there is an absolute reason. God is improving. Go easy, ladies. Thank you. Thanks, my man. Bala Khatun we heard that Osman Bey is looking for a new chick. Where did it come from, baby? Because you can’t get pregnant. Take a quick look at yourself. Korolos Osman Season 2 Episode 1 has Urdu subtitles, there is a doctor in Sivrihisar for you to turn to him. The water from the snow got stuck in everyone’s ears, lady. You may be present, my beautiful daughter. He got me on everyone’s lips.

Osman will also hear:

Her neck will come loose from my face. Bala doesn’t give up right away. Let’s get up. There is of course a cure. Is there a cure or not, Goonka? Thinking of Osman. He has dreams. Don’t let these dreams get shattered because of me. Bala, what can you do if not seek a cure? I sacrifice myself for Osman. What does this mean Bala? Repent, repent. We are loyal to Kanan. Osman is the hope of Oban’s reign, it is the hope of the Turkmens. Lest this hope be ruined if necessary, I will cast Osman Bey’s marriage in a veil of wire. We have a little left, sir. The preparations are complete. Then our veterans are blessed. Sir, what if we come back empty-handed?

But the crazy ponies inside of me say go get it ASAP. Let’s go. What will happen when you replace your father? It means you have come to yourself. So what will happen? he is? Like your father, will you also kill Argun Han? My dad will do it for me. What family happiness. Suppose you are a Mongolian khan? Even if you don’t deserve it, you’ll be ready.

Korolos Osman Season 2 Episode 6 subtitled You better be talking informally. Your pain ends quickly. A swift and sweet death awaits you. You won’t be happier. We’ll see. A man came out like a bear from the woods, Nicola. Osman took our hands. Tell me again. Only when Osman caught a bear he took it away

What will Nicola do with Osman?

Tell me again. So can’t you show them who the real bear is? No wine, I want to drink blood. I will take revenge on Erturul, I will tear his liver apart, Vlatius your lungs. Let’s make them vomit to death, Nicola. What do you think, Nicola? On Ertugral’s other son, we’ll collapse like a nightmare. Ertugral. Trenches will be dug at the entrance and exit of the castle. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 6 Subtitled In Urdu, You’ll Also Make Iron Stakes In The Trench Traps These Things Should End Tonight. Ahval too dangerous, sir? Nicola took advantage of the Gihatu disaster which we believe she will conquer.

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Kurulus Osman Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles Episode 06
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Kurulus Osman Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles Episode 06
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