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Kuruluş Osman Season 2

Kurulus Osman Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles Episode 07 Bolum 42

This is the 7 episode of season 2 Korulus Osman and episode 42 of Korulus Osman. Forgive my father, I made a mistake! Forgive me, papa! I beg you, dad! Forgive me, papa! If you’d like to support us, please watch our episodes on KayiFamily.com. KayiFamily.com I told you Osman Bey won’t be returning until he finds it. Will Osman return with you before his brother takes Safsi Bay who loves him so much? They will challenge us and save us from this problem. You will be …

I received this episode 07 (34) of season 2 Kurulus Osman and episode 34 of Kurulus Osman from our spies in the Black Sea. Troops on the way to the Koulash siege. Ertughal on his deathbed. And his sons fight for Belek. He will die because of the news he will hear when he wakes up. The Turks will soon take revenge on your father. You will say “Fortunately, Nicola made me give up death” after hearing the duty I am about to give you. You will kill all Turks like Avaricum Caesar war. With pleasure Nicola. They reinforced their defenses and thought we were going to attack. But Osman saw what I could do. We will bite them like snakes with units that we will greet in Kulucahisar when they are not waiting for us.

Don’t be hard on yourself Tomorrow he will stand as if nothing had happened. Couldn’t it be O Othman? He sleeps quietly. I’ve never seen my father like this before. The only thing it does is vomit blood. ueiuso what do you think of my brother he will arrest me. But you never listen to them, Osman. You always do what you want. That is why these things happen to us. You are irritable. You become unbearable when you are. You’re irritable and … Pala … are you tired of me? You’re always in trouble, Osman. ■ 0UJ || 0Y. Do you want to say something else? Sure. I got drawn into these issues too. Was i tough on you No … it would be cruel if these problems that come from you didn’t haunt me … I could sacrifice myself for it … Pala. Savci’s brother is provoked by Yavlak. He talks about me to my brother and uncle. Talk to your brother about it, ueiuso his eyes don’t see and his ears don’t hear because of his greed.

But it won’t work that way. Would he listen to me if I told him to go … Kulucahisar? No, he will tell me that we have to stop and gain strength. But are they two unbelievers … Nicolas and Flatius are waiting? You will not. I will not wait. I will kill both of them. I will enter this castle and cut their throats. How are you going to enter the castle alone? I will, Pala. Even if you succeeded, what would you do in a very large group? No, Osman. Please do not be mad. Pala, I can’t stop now. Time has been against us since we lost Kulucahisar. They will be stronger after the arrival of soldiers from Constantine. How do we find support next? My brother Zulfiqar came with important information. Tell me, Zulfiqar. O Osman. A support unit has come to Kolukahisar.

Who are you? How many of them are there? I don’t know. All of them are knights. Knight of Coman. Coman Trix. You will make enemies of the brothers. There are traitors among them, bye. It seems they were fooled with gold. But tell me Those traitors betrayed Bai, Bai. You killed him. Your daughter is a prisoner. Nikolas men are now taking them to the castle. Why did they kill their Bey? He didn’t want to fight us, Aag Aiu. We’re going to save this poor person before we go to the snake’s nest. We are ready, bye. You see, Pala, we can’t stop now. Go to tents with Zulfiqar. I will keep fighting. Pala .. listen to Silkan Khatun. Keep your eyes open Let’s go. Sit down, bye. I feel nauseous.

They think they can teach Othman manners by warning him. They tell me to stop But you know everything he’s done. Would he have listened to us? He will lose himself more every day. You know he doesn’t like Yaflak Arslan. He goes mad when he keeps coming to our tents. He must have doubts about it. Are there people who don’t play on this limit, Lina? He must have a plan … He just wants the Kai Tribe to support him. He wants to validate the Kayi tribe. Then he will work with us. He’ll play with us, not us. But … my brother destroys everything. Is there anything I can do Bai? I want to support you. Keep an eye on Bala Khatun. They will report every step of Bala Hatton and Silcan Hatton. I’ll stand against those who stand against you.

I will do more than bring you the news. Hatun will rule this tribe. How you do that? I ask how Lam oin to Sow lit up for the meeting of Yavlak Arslan. Nobody has to know. Is Osman coming? No. We did not inform him. How is he? He’s got a hot one. I sent my Alps to find the best doctors. You will bring them soon. Ertughal Bey is like a father to me. I can’t see it that way. God bless you. I know how much you love your brother, I understand your pain … and your grief. But you have to be prepared for anything. We are forbidden to cry over loved ones, Bayes. What are you saying? Ertugrul Bey is not only our lover … it is the only force that binds boundaries together. Peace be upon him. Without him … I know how difficult it is to fill his seat … But I want you to know … I’ll be with you.

I’ll cut your throat when you open that door! You stupid slaves! Those who try to tie up the lions will be killed with their claws! Open this door! open it! open it! It must be the girl Zulfikar told us about. Where are you going, bye? We will learn now. Wait here. Stop there. Who are you? I am Othman Ibn Ertughal Ghazi. The girl was released. We were looking for you. You fight well, daughter. So you’re Othman. They even fear your name. Yes, I am Othman. You didn’t ask, but I’m Targun Hatton.

What is the Turkish Coman doing here? They fight in the name of the emperor. They will attack you with Nicola and Flatius. Which direction will they attack? You have to find out for yourself, Osman Bey. Now let me go Wait a minute You’re right ^ I forgot to thank you. You should thank god Tarjun Hatun. Your father was killed by traitors for not attacking us. That’s why they locked you up. You already know everything, Osman Bey. What do you want from me? Your life is entrusted to us.

I can protect myself, Osman Bey. No matter. I don’t have time to argue with you here. Listen to my words. Let’s go to the trunk. We may have different religious beliefs … but we both belong to the Oguz dynasty. You’re right, you Osman. The same blood runs in our veins. You will be our guest. You’re hurt, you need to be ironed. Just a scratch. Must be ironed. Let’s go. Men. From now on you will no longer be thirsty. You won’t even think about breathing.

Their swords are sharp enough to split hair. Let’s go, guys! From now on you mustn’t make any more mistakes! Stay hard. Stand up! Move safely! Time for war. Just like this one. Just like this one. Even the simplest business is done faithfully! Let’s go! Aha? EyvAllah BP. BP As ordered, we built a spear wall at the back of the trunk. E v e IA11 a h [with the I p of A11 a h) can’t even cross a fly. I swear Iyad Yafallah. Remove bridges over trenches. Even the smallest mistake would be the end of our tribe. Move, brave warrior. EyvAllah BP. Bamsey Bay, the shooters are ready.

We have doubled their number. God willing, my brave man. Mashallah. Go over, go to your seat. Mashallah. Mashallah. Like your new place, I think you look like her. Nicolas! Osman Targun Khatun saved. As expected … from Othman. He brings her to the trunk. Shouldn’t you do the same this time … Uthman took the bait. You will be careful at all times. I heard you need our help, Nicola. So the emperor sent you. He knows that we fight with more power than the Romans. He must believe in your victory because he sent his best powers. You must be their leader since I sent you.

I have no doubt. Targun … since you and Kayis are the same people … you won’t feel compassion because of blood ties, will you? Don’t worry, Nicola. We are used to it, To do things the Romans couldn’t. This task is more dangerous than any other. Are you having fun nicola? Take my arms like this and I’ll have fun forever. If you don’t release my father … your life will be hell. If you successfully complete this mission, your father will be released. What is this mission Captivity mission? Who will I go yourself? You will be a prisoner like your father.

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In this episode, you will also see that I ask you about the best of the Alps. And take the masons to fill in any gaps in the castle. Lord of your head. I also want to change the bearing locks. What’s the lock, sir, we can even change the doors, and now I’m going to Söğüt with the taxes I have collected. In Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 7 on Urdu Facebook, according to him, all this work will end by the time I get back, damn it, thank god it’s been a successful year, come on, there’s a raid on Othman. How did you find this place? It is your time, Osman.

Go out and see this, here you are, Sir Nicolas. You see, I am defenseless. Just like the soldier you killed. What do you want, Nicola? Judge Mr. Günduz. You pay to break the deal Nicolas, are you spoiling? Mr. Gündüz, you came here to avenge me. kurulus osman season 2 episode 7 in the Urdu language on Facebook, for the life of the late soldier from the life of Ertughal I will cut a piece. Let me be a victim, open your eyes.

My brother Mongke raised us all. How did you know my brother They both left? They compared you well, brother, but there was nothing in it. I’ll be awake like I’m not in this position, brother. If you weren’t there, we couldn’t do this job. If only for you, when you were alive now, in Kurulus Osman Season 2, Episode 7 on Urdu Facebook, glad you didn’t listen and follow me. Don’t be afraid of Othman’s parents, so please, my dear, for your sake.

We have to be on the road as soon as possible, brother. The time will be shorter, but don’t worry. You will not die. But you will crawl. Unarmed Innocent Soldier Despite the agreement you made with your master in hundreds of Alps, you killed an unarmed soldier. Put the thought to Osman or Jokhtug, if that happens I’ll kill them. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 7 What about Osman? Göktuğ brings and judges or I understand my right. Just convey this to the brain like that. I will not break the deal. But if the deal splits the price for you all, it will be paid.

Mr. Gündüz pays the price. I have waited so long. What if the Attorney General takes Monk to our great master? Then we are at war, why your horses neigh. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 7 in Urdu Facebook Best Series Little Turkmen Obas You don’t deserve your teeth cut. Why is it important, sir? To clear all of my honor, I hope so. But now smoke in the misty Ertugrul stove. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 7 on Urdu Facebook Osman Asad roars. When his head was young we have to crush. We found that this spy was watching us, sir. What if she died why did it happen? Your pasta just won’t work for me.

Kill this Sercutai. Let their bones be dog food and your strength won’t last me. Who are you man I’m in the stadium? What are you looking for here? I lost my army and would have called it. Who was the army chief? just me. Do not you like it? Do you know your poses What about your soldiers? You will be here soon. what is your problem? I came to warn you, please. What if I don’t go Will you stop me This happened when it happened to Abraham’s army.

Who is the needle man? The tyrant who came to take over the cities. tell me. I’ll tell you when the time is right. I am warning now. No limit enough now Episdoe 7 kurulus osman You are stealing my time. Is it time to steal? the birds. the birds. Stones. Ahmed. Which trip did you take again in your dream? That tough guy to get to Obama but who is Ahmed? Jihato. That tough guy you call Gehato. In a dream, wisdom, Ahmed.

Let me tell you What you saw? Man came. A man likes dervishes. With his stick in hand. He stood before this cruel man. Broke his nest. The stones of the wind birds until they couldn’t use their poses anymore. He destroyed everything. I wish your dream come true We defeated these oppressors Episode 8 Season 2 Kurulus Osman My Ahmet. Osman Bey will ask him to stop. Do not worry. I know Bala Khatun. Don’t worry, Osman Bey is a roaring lion. Dumrol became my companion.

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Kurulus Osman Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles Episode 07
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Kurulus Osman Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles Episode 07
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