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Kurulus Osman Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles Episode 09 Bolum 42

This is episode 09 of season 2 of Kurulus Osman and episode 42 of Kurulus Osman. Tell your soldiers … Back. I wasn’t expecting you so soon, it shows. If you knew I was coming, you wouldn’t give it away, would you? Let’s do it like this, Osman. Othman, look, I’m going to set your uncle and brother free … and let that flame fall into your hand. So you agree to die with me, UBLUSQ what about you? Could you risk dying with me and your dog? tell me! Let’s do it like this, Osman. Let’s do it step by step. Othman …! Drop that flame first! Do what I say. My uncle’s appointment

This is episode 09 (36) of season 2 of Kurulus Osman and episode 36 of Kurulus Osman. Tell your soldiers … Back. I wasn’t expecting you so soon, it shows. If you knew I was coming, you wouldn’t give it away, would you? Let’s do it like this, Osman. Othman, look, I’m going to set your uncle and brother free … and let that flame fall into your hand. So you agree to die with me, UBLUSQ what about you? Could you risk dying with me and your dog? tell me! Let’s do it like this, Osman. Let’s do it step by step. Othman …! Drop that flame first! Do what I say.

They released my uncle and brother. Release them! Let them go! Let them go! Not Nicolas! Don’t let them out! Let’s die together! Flatus! Othman … Darl … Ayaz … Take my brother and uncle. Now … take Flatios and your soldiers. Slipped. How do you leave this place Osman? I will go out free! Othman .. Where’s Othman? It is not a flying torch! It does not light a flame! It’s not him! We were betrayed! Soldiers! Othman! Show yourself! Show yourself! Othman! For horses! For horses! If you’d like to support us, please watch our episodes on KayiFamily.com. Ayaz … Dumrul … let these dogs go the other way. Yes, baby. Let’s go! Don’t worry, uncle. I will question them about everything they have done. I have not forgotten the dagger on my brother Gendez’s back … I will not forgive them on your hand. I will question them all individually. Thank you, nephew. Thank you. You saved us from that dog. It has arrived … it has arrived … it has arrived, uncle. And I didn’t think of doing anything else.

I couldn’t let these dogs make you die. I couldn’t trust Yavlak Arslan … and Nicolas Justice. But you … uncle? Brothers? You will trust them again. You will believe our hostile uncle’s words. Brothers. You ask why? Because you prefer the lies of these enemies to the truth I tell. Everyone will do what suits them. So that you no longer have an enemy to cooperate with. Book your favor with us, Osman? They say everyone will do what works for them. Does that suit you The time when I do the things that suit me is approaching. Uncle … my brother … I’m warning you to drag yourself on the right path. Go to the tents. Ayaz and Damroll will catch you. I have things to do. be careful! There can be a trap … an attack! Catch them! I don’t want to die … don’t worry.

Flatius Rahim. I will keep you. I saved you from suffering by living without grace. Because you can’t take it. Othman! Your presence. I don’t remember seeing you before. Come on. There will be exciting when the flying flame explodes. Then we infiltrate the castle. The Kolukahisar siege is now beginning. If I enter the castle again, I will take it. The Siege of Kulucahisar began. We have to be quick, brother. We have a lot to do. Come on. Commander Flatius! What’s the result? I lost it in a narrow lane. I lost it. Is this true? How did this happen? You dragged us into the trap. My soldiers are dead, Nicola. You have been captured, and my soldier is dead, Flatius? This is my lock! These are my soldiers! mine! Othman killed Gnodi Flatios! soldier! You might kill me now, Nicola. What is Nicolas doing to kill you, Flatius. You are no longer in command of Rome.

You are a dead man now. You’re nothing now, Flatius. You’re not even a flatus soldier. Osman Bey we are. You have news on Geyhatu. Geyhatu must have realized that Kulucahisar was going to fall sooner or later … so he had luster in the Yavlak Arslan tribe. They can invite you to make peace with Nicolas. very good. You can meet. Dundar, Saver, and Gunduz Bey have also been invited. Geyhatu wants all of you to obey him. Jehato had not yet learned that the Turks would not bend. He will, Osman Bey. he will. he will. he will. I will not let that happen. I will not let you die until you regain your honor. Flatus.

If you try to kill yourself, you will not find a single man burying you in these lands. I promise you! Hope there is nothing wrong with that, David Agha. What happened to Dendar Bey and Saffchi Bey? What happened to you? It seems that you have returned from Kulukahisar empty-handed. They should thank God forever coming back. I would like to tell you … not to tell people what happened, but … Osman and the Alps know everything. “UBIUSQ and the Alps are not going to say anything, my nephew. But I don’t know how we’re going to look at Osman with straight heads, I don’t know. The brothers might fight … but they help each other out … but one day I’ll get him out of a tough confrontation helped the situation, then I’ll push him.” It will be balanced, the debts tend to grow not to diminish, Savage Bey. If God allows, we will be able to pay it back, God willing. Othman saved you again. Who? Knows where he is.

Why should I betray an honest man who works hard for his tribe Karayel. Do you see that, Karayel? Do you understand? Even Geyhatu knows me. I’ll take Kulucahisar. But my uncle and brother believe me no. Geyhatu knows … if I take Kulucahisar … no one will stand in the way … but … my brother and my uncle Do not believe it. You will believe it. You will see. You will understand. Geyhatu will v I realize that threats do not affect me. He can do his worst. I hope it is easy, Hatuns. Thanks.

I would like to help if you want to. Come on, Tarjun Hatun. come with us. It looks like you belong here now. You can be Kai’s bride. God willing. To be Kai’s bride? However, all Caylee Baez are married. Should you marry Bey? Bai’s daughter will only marry you. All Kayi Bays are married. But some of them still wanted children. what happens? Are you looking for Bay for Targun? It’s hard for Hatton to be Kaye’s.

It was hard back then … but now it’s even more difficult. On my day, we owned very little land. At that time, even Hatuns like Hazal could fool Beys … into becoming Bey Hatuns. But things have changed now. Kayi talks about it being a country. To be a circumciser to Kai is to be a circumciser of the state. For example, Osman married Bala Khatun who was raised by Sheikh Adibali for this reason. It is Khatun who can rule the world with him. So I say this … if you want to be Kayi Hatun or give Kayi a baby … Don’t like others … Try to be like Bala. OK? If you’ll excuse me, I have things to do. Certainly, my daughter. To go to work. If you want to support us, please watch our episodes at KayiFamily.com. What happened to you, bye? Stop walking and tell me what happened. Come on. tell me.

UBLUSO has always been vital. He was always dashing. He was brave. But … he would never think about what might happen after his actions. I thought he would be tortured … before he could even … reach that age. But it changes every day. He becomes braver and wiser. It becomes more disruptive and more consistent. It won’t be easy, Khatun. It will not be easy. A man like Othman … will have no mercy on the road, will he? You know your laws. Osman is the youngest. It’s only natural that more than either of you will try to prove himself. But … since Baye chose you as a father … you are the obstacle in front of him. What are you trying to say, Hatun? Osman will want to kill you … to be Bai Kai. Why do you blame my brother, Hatun? Your brother is always looking for your laws, right?

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ATV is finally releasing the trailer for Season 2 Episode 9 Kurrulus Osman, and we can say that Kurrulus Osman Episode 9 has great action and moments. Where did you dare to take my son as a prisoner? We brought his son as he deserves. You will search for the one who betrayed you. Whether this is my son also the decision is up to you Geyhatu. Brave Sons of Rome! The dice are rolled. Today is for the sake of our holy land, today for the future of our children, today is a day of struggle for our honor. If we lose, kill me wherever you see me because of vanity. Korolos Osman Season 2 Episode 9 Urdu Translation: By dragging you into war, you are not ready for it. I wrote your death sentence. My soldiers, they are not the heroes of my empire. I wrote the Turkish death sentence.

Did you believe that, too, Gehato? So you lied that you and your soldiers would enter the secret passage from here. I’ll open the door for you, too. You are doing business with Kayılar Geyhatu, and we will take Kulacahisar. Stop. (As I had ordered the Alpine Rangers shortly before the attack, they were poisoned and could not fight.) See, something is happening to the soldiers. Dear Helen, today is the day. Now is the day. Thank you Takfour Nikola. Sophia to take revenge on him. do not worry.

What happened in episode 9 of Korulus Osman?

Perhaps I would kill his son and his guards if he bumped into me without blinking his eye. When the tribe attacked, the seers died, and this traitorous son was not present. Do you know where she was to find out he was hiding, he would torture me to find out. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 9 Urdu What are you talking about, Möngke? You’re lying, Dad. We have a lot to say. Our minds are sharper than Pusad Geyhatu. Do not forget about it, I will listen to you. To only survive one time, you have a choice. Geyhatu or believe in the fairy tales that lead you to death or the facts that keep you alive. It’s your decision. You have to be happy.

You can be fair. It will be the last face you see before you die, not me. I’ll listen one by one in the middle. What happened to me they will say from the beginning. For Byzantine! For Byzantine, my son told me to set a trap. Also to kill me. He killed you in Sujut, then they blame my brother Osman. Who defeated its leaders? You want to use your anger against Osman.

Don’t you see who they are, Bai Dundar? This incompetent and ambitious person who will be your son was clearly not alone in this business. that’s enough. Shut up! Yaflak Arslan, what do you think of this job? Artgrel Bey is my father’s legacy. We are the descendants of Kayı. I can’t blame him. victory is ours. The revival of Byzantium. How do you still listen to that, dad? Scales on one cuff your son on the other skillet Kai Hiren’s words. If you were in my place, what would you do? I will not believe either side. Often the words hide intentions.

Just like an ugly night. How the facts calm down. The spoken method meets the wall of truth. Savcı Bey also Osman Bey, also your son, as long as he does not provide evidence that they are not innocent. Kayılar was said to be fair. Korolos Osman Season 2 Episode 9 Urdu Those who say this is true. At this time, listen well, Geyhatu. Your soul is on one side of the scales of justice on the side of your son, you have a son of your blood. Now that Genghis Khan is a descendant, you have to prove it in this case.

Is there evidence of his words?

I gave you my life, papa. what more do you want Circutai, while your son is torturing my brother, I am pampering him. You have to say that. If you ask your son how to kill your father Circutai, he will be lured into the trap. He said we had set a trap in Sogut. Comfort. We’re doing this for your prisoners, Nicola? Double the gold they ask of our captured soldiers, they pay the price of his soldiers. To pay the price I love Flatus. God bless you Nicola. Brave sons of Byzantium! Cowards before death die a thousand times.

But today you were born a thousand times in this castle. You are a thousand times freer. You are in this castle today, you are a thousand times more hero. Caught in my Alps. You are on the way. He said everything like a nightingale. He will be coming here soon. You will hear it in your ear.

Yavlak accuses Othman

It was then that I realized that there was a collaboration between them. He blamed my brother Othman for washing his blood-stained hands with our clear water. Then he will replace you. You messed everything up, Mr. Osman. They said he wouldn’t come back without finding Mr. Savgi. Othman Bey his brother whom he loved most of his life, is it a good idea to come without him, Ahmed? The two will come together and save us from these difficulties.

You were mad at me for Osman Bey. Praise be to God, gentlemen have returned safely. Now is the time to get rid of this problem. Mr. Othman, my attorney general, if Mongke doesn’t come, he’s a traitor. Gehato wanted to kill. He was killed by Guyhatu Corollos Osman, Season 2, Episode 9, Urdu, he paid his fine and saved his honor, and two brave brothers set out on the same path. Your saga will be engraved in mountains and stones.

Let’s say you haven’t caught a circle. It’s a bad name it used as bait. I realized that Circutai was deceiving you. He was clearly involved. You are a smart man, Osman. When you find Cerkutay you will know who is behind them. At this point, let me see your report, Geyhatu. The first to know it will be you. It doesn’t set you free anymore. Greetings to your Ertugrul. His splendid sons will remain in this land like a great mountain. I’ve seen it. Arslan worries about you if there is any disobedience that will pay the price for you. All of this is burned. There should be nothing about the Turks. Dirty nomads. Look at this.

No, what would you do with the castle and city life then?

Shepherd goats. What did you do in Kulacahisar? I will set you free But on one condition. Distance. Everything you see here will tell Osman about it. But it is complete. Everything I’ve seen one by one Look me in the eye, sacrifice your pure heart, brother. I never doubted Halis’s intention, I played a game, I drove the enemy away from us Corollus Osman Season 2 Episode 9 Urdu We are the children of Artgrel Ghazi, my brother. Doubt doesn’t suit us. My brother. Brothers. Who can stand in front of you for so long as long as you stand shoulder to shoulder like this? Who can spoil your party since you own it that way?

I am always with you, papa

Please allow my lawyer. Let’s take care of our father. the father. You drink honey. Abdul Rahman Ghazi leaves. I would love to see our Ertuğrul Bey, let us know the situation for a long time. Your children are her bride with him. There is no need for others. Yaflak Arslan is nobody else. Yavlak Arslan is Beylerbeyi. O Othman, do you see what Abdul Rahman Ghazi did? I am not allowed to see Ertuğrul Bey. What are you doing with Artgrel Gazi?

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Kurulus Osman Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles Episode 09
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