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Kurulus Osman Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles Episode 10 Bolum 42

This is a 10 of season 2 Korulus Osman, episode 37 of Korulus Osman. Goktug Goktug! Goktug brother! Othman. Othman! Attack! Alps! Alps! the brothers! Your y! BP 1 BP. Broken arrow. waiting. Break it, Bai. Jocktug! Wait, brother! Kill them all! waiting. waiting. Brothers. I testify that there is no god but God … for the Joktlig Gökütük Küttükkötükötög Alps! Alps! Goktug lives! Come on! Come on! Come on! Brothers. I will save! I will save. What are you …

This is an episode (37) 10 of season 2 Korulus Osman, episode 37 of Korulus Osman. Goktug Goktug! Goktug brother! Othman. Othman! Attack! Alps! Alps! the brothers! Your y! BP 1 BP. Broken arrow. waiting. Break it, Bai. Jocktug! Wait, brother! Kill them all! waiting. waiting. Brothers. I testify that there is no god but God … for the Jokhtlig, the Gökttüg, and the Gökteog, the Alps! Alps! Goktug lives! Come on! Come on! Come on! Brothers. I will save! I will save. What are you doing brother? Nicolas is a guest in this tent. Don’t you know what they did to us when we were guests in Kolukahisar, brother? I will save! What is the difference between us and them when we do the same to them, brother? We are not like traitors who offer friendship and then try to kill people.

Aren’t we brother Dundar Bey. Take the Savci Bey. Don’t you know how many big problems we are facing right now? do not worry. I will take it. Goondoz Bey. You actually look like a good person. I’m sorry for what I did to you. Or rather, what we have done for you with Flatius. Patience. Your GoDoz! that’s enough. I’m at the end of my rope too, Nicola. Arslan Bey. Stop there. Speaking of Vlatius, where is he? He is no longer my leader. Act now yourself.

where are you? The war has only just begun, brothers! For the win! Attack! Don’t drop this order! Attack! Do you understand me now, brother? I feel just like your brother I would also like to take Nicola’s dog head. However, we have to be patient. We’re here for official reasons. It is enough if we do nothing to make Gehato mad at us. Othman, where can you see him, uncle? What are we talking about Let him direct% Jehato’s anger on Osman. And we can take Kulachisar with us. We will be patient. I’m tired of being patient, uncle, I’m losing patience too. I have to look at Nicolas’s face and on the other hand, I don’t know what Osman is up to. I also have a limit. The real Leo is not the one who attacks the enemies and tears them apart. But who can control his anger? We’ll take it for Kayi. Now let’s go back to the tent.

Let’s come back, uncle. We’ll take it for Kayi. Oh, God willing, oh brave, where are you from? I came to battle from Karabakh … And now I am the companion of Kara (black) Osman, born God willing, peace be upon the brave Karabakh at this time. Peace be with you, come, come! Helen Pala! Follow Helen! I came here and took my responsibility. But Osman didn’t come. So we were all wrong. what does that mean? This means that he is not aware of the strength of Geyhatu, then you can communicate your problems to Geyhatu yourself. Don’t worry, Yavlak Arslan. I will tell Geyhatu about your struggle on this matter. He told Geyhatu that if he comes here with his army, I’ll stand against him too. Kayi is under my judgment. But Osman acts alone.

If Jehato attacks Osman, he has the right to do so. It couldn’t harm the rest of the muscle. I will fight Kayis too. I like courage. You are very brave, oh Yaflak Arslan. I understand that very well, Nicola. We Turks don’t take it seriously when the enemy is as small as you, and we keep moving forward. When the enemy is as powerful as the Mongols. Unite. They unite in Circutai Yavak Arslan. What do you mean, nicola? Do you know where Sercutai is? Yaflak Arslan? He was arrested by Osman. Iaz. Yes bye? Quickly go to a Yaflak festival. I tell my uncle and brother not to work for peace for nothing.

How to order, myiBey. Oh Osman, fortress invaders what? We also go to Ingol and Bursa, Bamsi Bay. -Come on! Come on my son! Come on my son! Targun Hatton. Osman Bey … my father is in the dungeon. I can’t stay. Go quick. Alps! Follow Largon Hatton. Don’t let it go alone. Helen Helen! Come here you are lucky It all started when you and your father came here. Death! Just like Sophia, she won’t live long enough to see her end, Helen! Pala damns it. damned. Come on. My castle is back with its original owners. Mashallah! Kulucahisar is the home of the Turks. Brothers … bring out flags in the forts. As you like, bye. – Come on, brothers. Come on. -Come on. Othman Al-Aswad is finally coming. Who the fuck is this big guy? -Who are you? Your death, O Flataeus. You wanna try the big guy? You are so brave, Flatius. I love you.

the father! the father! Targun Hatton. Osman Bey. It’s not my father, it’s not my father, they took him. You took my father with you. Targun Hatton, don’t worry. I will bring your father back to you. Pala. As I said, I’ll find your father and bring him to you. We couldn’t arrest Helen. I’m running away Let’s go. You were such a strong man … but you were done. It’s nice that you respond to this with a smile. Kulucahtsar … has been occupied.

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It will be released on Atv on December 9, 2020. Mubitv and Makkitv will be translated with Urdu subtitles on December 10th and we expect in this episode 10 that you have forgotten that Balgay cannot be fooled. Entering the bosom of death with pleasure will be my best. No. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 10 with Urdu subtitles. They will say poison Zohar Khatun. Why don’t you say you bought it from the man who came to the camp? Hatton? He’s supposed to be a doctor.

Is it easy to guess Osman? Why did you wait for a naive time to reveal it? Do you ask me and treat me instead of thanking me? Othman wants to see who is behind this job. There is probably no one behind it. He probably took care of the poison himself.

When the flower gives poison to an animal

Medicine is the job coverage. Do you think the man we believe to be a Muslim is a different person, Uthman? Hathal Khatun is a different person. Who is this snake that came next to me? We’ll find out who it is, I’ll let my Alps lose all night. Who do you suspect? Who is behind this program? The poison used is called raw moor. It is an ancient Greek poison with hemlock herb in its core and its effects were later seen. Nobody can think of that. Behind the castle hill, brother.

A masked doctor now emerges from his nest

You have to be careful, Buran. You’re going to the castle, Buran. Where did Sophia get the courage to add poison to our wedding cake? How did you get rid of the poison? He showed himself clearly. You did my duty, Princess Sophia. Princess Sophia, the leader of the Mongols Sopotai, has arrived. My mouth was pissed off with hunger. Your stone tents will scare the enemy, Spotay. Whatever the beast’s heart is, we believe we carry its spirit.

You may have eaten chicken hearts. He returned from Baidu’s face.
Even the task of ending Satan is not easy to end Osman Spotay. I trust at least as much as Geyhatu. What do you want from me? And just take the Alps out of storage. My job is to drive Othman crazy and get him out of camp. What about you what have you got Osman is drawn into the realm of spirituality. You have reached the end of the road. In Korolus Osman’s season 2, episode 10 in Urdu, his first owner is cut by a sharp dagger. Zuri Khatun himself asked me about the poison. How do I know he would do something like this? Didn’t I tell you that if you lied we would cut your tongue? He threatened me with my children.

What were you doing in the castle back then, Osman?

I told him to stay away from my family. This information is not enough for us to save your life. From now on they will work together. I tried to turn our obesity into a graveyard. You will kill Osman with this dagger, Salvador. He left corpses as far as Olympus. What will we achieve, princess? A scratch on the body is enough to kill it with pain. In Kurulus Osman season 2, episode 10 in Urdu subtitles, where this poison scratches your blood and the cold breath of death smears your throat first.

When your blood vomits, life pulsates before your eyes

Your loyalty calls into question your betrayal. To fool Osman, you left him. They are cut out for this job. When, bitch! Stock markets. Is that what you are looking for dad? my daughter! Ah stock markets! Your wound is still fresh, do not tire yourself. My wound is not on my skin, papa in my heart. In Korolus Osman’s second season episode 10 in Urdu, roll the wound in your heart and wrap it up. Pay attention to the wound on your skin, that’s enough. I don’t have a face to turn to for going through this.

Who among us is without sin in this world?

You don’t think about her, you don’t think Do you know what’s in that box? In the name of Allah most Merciful. By God, my testimony is on Eibars. I gave no advice other than God’s words. He had started reading it when he was still sweetheart. He once said that I would become my mullahs. Follow us on Facebook, but that didn’t happen. But it wasn’t like that. Ah, stock markets, ah! Ah, stock markets, ah! Oh my God! My Burçin my Aybars has grown under the banner all along.

He had no dreams in which this banner was not wavering, and he had no dreams. And this dagger that I put on Aybars’ waist was the first dagger. The blood of the Mongolian kefir poured it for the first time with this dagger. He was thrown with the dagger. Now I’m unofficially Burchin, everyone will be from Sıddık, but they are Aybars. Who is your friend’s father Porshin’s friend is the second son God gave me. That winter rose and it was snow in summer. Now he will come to kiss my hand more.

If Alissar dies, it means that he has made a new ally

Subutay should go to Geyhatu with this ambition. Because he’s not gone after a new match. Brother, we have to take precautions without making it clear. It is not clear what these defendants will do. That’s true, brother. Thank you. What is this red devil doing here? The lack of disagreement came to the alliance. and I know that. His word touches. Did it poison you too? Anger does not help either of us Balgay.in Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 10 with subtitles in Urdu Either you end each other or we all are Othman. Jihato Baidu returned because of the threat. It also gave me the job of ending Osman.

Now catch your soul for her. I’ll be a bird of death Has your legend, powerful shaman, been held? Have you taken over your soul Then he woke up? Raise the bird of death. Congar. Son. the father. what happened to me The black album called Osman Bey stole his soul. The Great Shaman asked him to come back from Honest Han and take it. Are you ready to listen to my orders, my son?

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Kurulus Osman Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles Episode 10
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Kurulus Osman Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles Episode 10
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