Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 13
Kuruluş Osman Season 2

Kurulus Osman Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles Episode 13 Bolum 42

Do you testify that I have fulfilled my duty? The witnesses are the Holy Prophet. Now if I declare my heir. Will you respect him, as my respect? And will you follow his orders in the same way? I will leave my place with the desire of my heart. You are the leader of the Qayas. It will be he who will not let the spark of jihad go out. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 13 Bolum 40 In Urdu, holding the Qai flag high until the last victory. The one who does not accept imprisonment and chains.

I have no problem because Usman and Yaulak Arsalan

They attacked Gigato’s hiding place. You can never get out of there safely. Also, the poison that I sent to the Qai chiefs That is, the tribe will henceforth be without any responsibility. In other words, now the rebellion will start to spread throughout the tribe. When the information starts to arrive. So I attacked them from all sides. Are we going to attack Koloja Hisar? Is this really what you want to ask? I say that when we are going to impose on all the Qai people.

How long will Koloja Hisar be able to cope with this situation? You don’t underestimate my intelligence, do you? In other words, Gigato left without waiting for them. He left without delay. This problem has become a puzzle, Flatius. It has become a puzzle. The Usman Tribe is back. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 13 Bolum 40 In Urdu, so when we attack the tribe, Uthman will greet us. If the poison given to Targun had done its job. If all the Qai leaders had been killed. What if nothing was happening in the tribe? So everyone would think this was all done by Uthman.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 13 What Happened In It

The great king did not recognize Targun. All that is dear friend With Targun, they will understand everything for themselves. Let’s see that Qai is alive like Sardar Usman. Or did they die of poisoning? A voice comes from within me That today we are in a bloody war. Is it also Nicola? This is just a statue of Platius. Inshallah, they will continue to meet Seljan Khatun. Of course, the chef has to do important things. I know what you did. No chief leaves the tribe without restoring his trust.

With the mind, with the heart. I have heard about and experienced everything. So you wanna be the boss? But why does Allah want to make you leaders? What does Allah expect from a leader? That what he knows must be pursued. Who will keep traditions alive? Whoever seeks the help of Allah Almighty keeps him alive. Each time the traditions are firmly revived. Then the power of the leader will shine. What will happen if the lack of traditions is overlooked? There will be no unity in the world. How is power transferred from one leader to another? Sardar is the sun of traditions. And the son of the chief is like the moon which is illuminated by the light of the same sun.

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Anything that will be illuminated by your light. And whoever is your blazing fire, He will change his flag on a full moon. And so your power will be transferred to your heir. This is how power is transferred from one leader to another. My son and my brother leave us alone. And you think of presenting your innocence. Who will be the new leader of the Qayas? Put what you have to say. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 13 Bolum 40 In Urdu, He wants me to poison all the Qai chiefs. I’m not going to do that at all. But he will come to see me to know the result of this work. What are you trying to do Then Nicola shouldn’t have to wait. And tell him you can’t poison the bosses.

But you are preparing yourself hard. In front of Bamsi and Abdul Rehman Sahib What subject is under discussion. Opinions will be sought on the new Qai Sardar. We will take the advice of our travel companions. And it is clear who they are referring to. What you think is also clear, isn’t it, Brother John? What are you going to do next, Uthman? Things to always do, my brother. Sardar is waiting for you. The day of death has come, Baba. And we will all take revenge on you. And I will capture Uthman. What was the attack on Gigato’s hideout with Yaulak Arsalan? Before raising the sword against the Turkmens. We asked him to teach us a lesson. He had already left before our arrival. We killed his soldiers and got out of there.

The Gigato tribe has come before. Continue to make peace with Gigato. It’s like keeping a bear with you and avoiding its claws. But the bear was nowhere to be found. And what about Yaulak Arsalan? How did you trust him even after so much? I didn’t believe his promises like everyone else, how was that guaranteed? The only thing that got us in the trap was our interests. Who has nothing to lose. No one can fool him.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 13 is the last episode of Erturgul Bey
You chose me as the leader of the soldiers, sir, he treats us like slaves who never want freedom. And he’s running towards an impossible future. What do you say brother No hope for the future? Kosi was the loser on the mountain. Responsibility for the future of the Turkmens A Qai tribe alone cannot support it. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 13 Bolum 40 In Urdu, he will crush the qayas. And so all Turkmens will lose hope. Is the situation the same as what your brother and uncle told you? If we keep saying impossible.

So even small opportunities will turn into dreams. We will strive wholeheartedly on the path of effort and faith. Then dreams will come true. Banu Chuban did not dream of it. And stood up against Gigato. But the real sons of Oghuz Khan are sitting here watching the show. Should we do this? Is it worthy of us?

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This is episode 13 (40) of season 2 of Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 38 of Kurulus Osman. We will elect a new Bey who … will bring everyone together under his banner. The beys … are chosen in difficult times like these. Your actions will decide which of you becomes the Bey. The man who will rule Kayi. … will be clearly seen by all the Beys. Those who divide the tribe … will have no hope of becoming Bey. Now … that infidel Nikola … what should we do with him? Speak. The man came alive in an instant. How did this happen, Lena? What if he says who will be Bey? What if he chooses Osman? Lena? What is that? Why are you so calm If he chooses Osman over Savci … what do you think is going to happen “You seem to want Savci to be Bey more than me, Hazal Hatun, I saw my Ertugrul Bey like that … Thank you Allah, my daughter. Thank you, Allah.

Who are they until now? It’s hard to wait, no, Hatuns “What’s wrong, Selcan Hatun? You seem to know what’s going to happen. Did you hear anything? My Ertugrul Bey told me before everyone else. As Osman and Savci fight, he said he would make his brother Dundar a Bey. “I’m going to tell you something: those who come together for their own gain are quick to hate each other. I’m just saying, Beware of each other. You may find an enemy where your friend is standing, very soon. SubhanAllah! Tell me, son. Which direction does the Kayis have to go? Take the house of the infidels, let’s prepare the Alps and walk to Inegol. What do you think, Dundar? My Bey, since the serpent’s head, is in Inegol … we are going to go up to Inegol and behead the serpent. Let’s take Inegol first.

If we lead Nikola from there he would have no hope of a cure. My Osman must be happy to have already taken Inegol. I am not. … and yet you speak against everyone? Should we give up the truth when is Anyone arguing a lie? What’s the truth? Tell me what you think. If we try to take Ine gol now we would lose so many soldiers. must ambush Nikola’s soldiers … and get them out. How are you going to do this? Nikola still thinks Targun Hatun is her spy, he receives reports from her. Since he found out that she is going to marry me, he trusts her even more. I have a plan.Targun Hatun is already on the way, what’s your plan? What have you done, Cuman girl? Have you poisoned the Kayi Beys? Did you kill them all? all still alive.

What did I tell you? I’ll slit your throat right here! What did I tell you? Tell me! Speak! Savci Bey made a gesture to take the Beylic by force, Osman Bey stood against him, Ertugrul Bey suddenly recovered and rallied to what extent was I supposed to poison them, Nikola? They don’t eat or drink, they wait to kill each other, how would I poison them? Ertugrul Bey … recovered? Yes. The situation is still serious, everyone is in their tent, so here I am, just when they were all about to fight, Ertugrui Bey woke up And now he’s talking to them? Flatius, could it be that your god is on the side of the Turks? God is with those who follow the path of Jesus. Do you have something useful to tell me, Cuman girl? Yes, I told Osman Bey that I would not marry him until my father was saved. He prepares himself. How is Osman going to save your father? Will he attack Inegol? How is he going to save him, ha? I set up the game for you, Nikola. Did you make a game? You … planned a game? What kind of game is this, Kuman girl? Targun Hatun will convince Nikola to bring his father to KurtBogazi.

Are you sure Nikola is going to take this bait, brother? He won’t do it, brother. But he won’t insist because I will go there, and we are winning against the jackals of Nikola, not against the walls of Inegol. This is the answer to defeat Nikola. It is not the war of the castles. .. it’s the war. This is an opportunity for us to act together. What do you say? Even though it’s risky and dangerous, if our father Bey wants this … we’ll do as he says. So that’s what our Bey orders. … what we have to do is obey him. Don’t worry Father We will do our homework, EvelAllah.Osman … finish the preparations. We will act tomorrow. Allah my Bey. I will tell Osman Bey that You will take my father to KurtBogazi.

What if he doesn’t believe you? You don’t know me, Flatius, I will take Osman Bey to KurtBogazi … and you will bring my father. After that, it’s up to you. I’m going to take my dad and go … and I won’t see your sinister faces again. That’s not badJlurnan IRL ts noflt’SjcpOl bad.Targun Hatun … We will bring your dad to KurtBogazi … and .. . your father will die with a little mistake on your part. You will die too, you will die too. Your future husband shouldn’t be worried about you. What are you saying, Flatius? I think this woman set a trap for us. Nikola. Perhaps. But it’s still a good opportunity. We will take our precautions. We will act like they are setting a trap for us … and then, Flatius … we will win the war.

First Ertugrul Bey left his deathbed and stood up … then the trap problem arose. get what we wanted. Fate … would indicate Giinduz and Diindar, which we didn’t watch. You say it was undesirable. But, you don’t think that could be Diindar Bey’s plan. you will not give up your way. May Allah give you strength. Uncle … We still have a promise, don’t we? Yes, my nephew. It’s a love that makes enemies of my brothers, Lena, why would my unbelief go away? Of course, he has a plan. I have good news for you. Bayhoca is on his way. InshaAllah he will arrive soon. My dear son … I will hug him tight I missed him too I missed a lot. Can everything turn out the way we want it, my Savci? May our dreams come true.InshaAllah.InshaAllah.Osman Bey … It all started as a game. And it’s still a game. Are you the Osman Bey that the Romans fear? I am Now your life is entrusted to us I am in this game to save my father But … now I cannot I am in the prison of your eyes I am captive in your arms what am I going do now, I’m gnawing at my heart, now you’re in the arms of Bala, Osman Bey … I’m suffering, Osman Bey … I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it. Don’t forget to support our sister Emel for her good translation. The Link is in the description.

Look at you … Look at yourself … Look at the beautiful eyes of this beautiful woman. I will be questioned for those eyes…It has been a long time since you talked about my eyes. Ah, my Bala … Since my veteran dad fell in bed … I couldn’t see anything, but now he got up and he said we should fight, I am reborn, my Bala, not just these eyes. .. and … that hair? What about that hair? Every curl counts for a world Every wick counts for a city I pray for a child of us, not another Hatun pray for this too, my Bala, I pray for this, I want you to give birth to my heir, I want your noble soul in the soul of my children, I want to see the love of the Kayis and your war. .. Let us pray. Let us pray to our Rabb, who says “Wish all from Me” May I come in, my Bey? Targun Hatun ?! What happened, Targun Hatun? Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim My Allah … My Allah … I come to You.

You invite me from the unconsciousness of separation … to the ultimate The Union. Accept me in your paradise which … my Halime wanders around. Let me join my martyr brothers … my father Suleyman §ah … and my mother Hayme. I entrust my tribe to you. I came to say … I was going to thank you for … what you did for my father, Osman Bey, I can’t forget what you did for me, that’s why I came here. Targun Hatun … you will thank me after we save your father tomorrow you are right my Bey it’s a little early it’s actually late I mean it’s late I should go Good night to you. Good night Good night.

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Kurulus Osman Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles Episode 13
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Kurulus Osman Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles Episode 13
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