Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 14
Kuruluş Osman Season 2

Kurulus Osman Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles Episode 14 Bolum 42

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 14 in Urdu Bolum 42 will be released on an ATV dated January 06, 2021, and we will see in this episode what I did correctly, they went to attack the headquarters of Geyhatu. Also, if the poison I sent to Kayı Beys worked, it means oba is now headless. So there is a big mess in the camp at the moment. When the news starts coming in, we’ll attack with all four arms and erase them all. Are we going to attack Kulucahisar? Are you really asking me that? Let me say this.

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When I killed all the Kayılar How long can Kulucahisar withstand this situation? You don’t underestimate my intelligence, do you? The only thing we’re going to think about now is the oba raid. We have to go in like a storm without thinking about how many soldiers we are going to lose. we will cut them and harvest them until there is not a single Kayı left. Come give me my good news. Come. transformed into Kayı Obas with its Alps. where is he back? He turned to Kayi Obas, sir. Didn’t he go and loot Geyhatu’s headquarters? How did he survive? Geyhatu had to leave without waiting for them. Geyhtu left without waiting for them.

Osman is not dead. he turned to the camp. when we attack the camp, Osman will meet. the poison I gave Targun, so if Kayi Beys is still dead there is no confusion in the camp. Then everyone thinks Osman did it. he did not know Targun. Anyway, my dear friend. we will learn it ourselves. Let’s see Kayı Gentlemen. Does he live like Osman or else he drinks the poison What am I going to do, Nikola? What will you do? You’ll be ready, Flatyos. My inner voice says we are going to a very bloody war today. Or is he saying, Nikola? This is a Flatyos sculpture Thank you to my Lord. I saw you like that, sir, even though I’m dying, I don’t feel sorrow.

Hope we see you Selcan Hatun in the Kayi tribe

Thanks to my Lord. let’s go out. The gentlemen of course have something to talk about. I know what you did. you weren’t yourself. without giving up his confidence, he does not quit his obsession. The spirit is disposed of in the state of the people. Everything I heard and knew. you want to be a gentleman. why would you want you to be a gentleman? what does he want from a gentleman? It is to continue your custom, sir. Because the principality is faithful to the custom. You say so, day. Who keeps the custom alive? The bey who receives the blessing of Almighty God gives life. Is correct. Customized, the better it is kept alive, the brighter the brain box. Now you say, Mr. Prosecutor.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 14 in Urdu Bolum 42 will be released

Kut from one gentleman how does it go to another? Bey is the sun of the ceremony. The son of the man lit by this sun is like a month. O sun Kayılar! Your light, the one who illuminates whose crescent with your fire turns into a full moon which is your heir. Your box to his heir to that’s how it goes. Is correct. Here is the box from one gentleman to another it goes like that. My children and my brother let them leave us. I’m going to have a mess with my comrades. You too, consider your account. Kayılar the new lord who should he be? Son. Targun Hatun whatever you want to say here. What is that? The poison Nikola gave me.

He asked me to poison Kayı Beys with it. What do you say Of course I won’t. No who will come to meet me to know the result of this work. What are you doing? Aunt pause. Bala. Nikola him. Don’t keep Nikola waiting. You will now arrive with Nikola. That he couldn’t poison Kayı Beys but you say you are preparing for even better.

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This is episode 14 (42) of season 2 of Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 42 of Kurulus Osman. I congratulate you, where are you going, uncle? What is your rush? You don’t have any homework? What is that? What duty? Are you not tasked with … watching over Sogut, who was attacked twice … the first time you were too weak to protect her … and the second time you let her people fend for themselves alone instead of protecting it? Yes, I am, not anymore, you have been removed from your post. me … can I go? Osman Bey? You can. As for you, brother, like Alpbasi … while Kulucahisar was conquered … while Sogut was protected from the fire … where were you? Tell me, where have you been. Brother? Since you are silent … since you agree that you are wrong … you are. removed from your duty. So be it, brother, so be it. If you will allow me … we will leave Osman Bey.

You may leave, Savci Bey. My Osman. My dark Osman. Osman Bey. Now, Osman Bey is the new Bey of Kayi.Bamsi Bey.O, the folk! Beylic’s reunion is over. The new Kayi Bey is … Ertugrul Gazi’s son … Osman Bey! Brother! Thank you to Allah, my Bala! The new Kayi Bey is … Ertugrul Gazi’s son, Osman Bey! The new Kayi Bey is the son of Ertugrul Gazi, Osman Bey! Damn it! How Diindar was going to play a match against Savci.I guess Savci already played a match against him.If you will allow me. Go meet your Bey. Go. Thanks to Allah, my Bala.Thanks to Allah, mother.My Gonca.Thanks to Allah.Osman Bey. Now he is more powerful. The new Kayi Bey is the son of Ertugrul Gazi, Osman Bey! So you don’t want the war to end. Ha? So you want to disappear between the Mongols and the Romans! So you want to die, ha! I’ll make you drink your own blood! I will do it! Abdurrahman Gazitell me what you are going to say. What is that? What is that? This, AbdurRahman Gazi? It is the will of Ertugrul Bey, Bamsi Bey. Oye my Ertugrul Bey.BismillahirRahmanirRahim.Abdurrahman Gazi wanted Osman to be the Bey.

This is what he says: why did he not tell us that? I asked the same question, Bamsi Bey. What did he say, brother? He told me that he would follow the sunnah of our prophet Hadhrat. (ASV) He said, “He (ASV) didn’t leave any heirs behind. He said,” I want Beys and the people to elect the new Bey. “He wanted Osman Bey to be sure he was elected with the … People’s consent and Beys votes. He never wanted anyone to stand in front of him and say … if not. wasn’t for Ertugrul Gazi, you wouldn’t be the Bey. ”If that was the case. … why did he write this brother testament? As a precaution, brother. He said, “If someone plays a game, you show it to the Beys … Osman will get what he deserves.” Abdurrahman Gazi … this Don’t forget to support our sister Emel for her good translation. The link is in the description.

You have guests, sir. Petrus … I remembered you. What are you doing in my castle? And what are you looking for? Let me know. Right now, please. Is this how you host an old friend, Nikola? Friend? Friend? Friend ha? Osman hurt you a bit, I guess. Petrus … you are in the emperor’s lands, I advise you to know your limits because we don’t like the Pope a lot of men here. Also … we don’t prefer those who burned Constantine to those who took Kulucahisar.Du§mammm du§mam … Dostumdur.

I decide who will be my friend. and who will be my enemy? Now … tell me why you came here. Pope Nicholas Cartos. Does your holy Pope want … Osman, Petrus? The same thing with you He wants to kill him Petrus … your holy Pope is so interested in a man who is far from him, he doesn’t want him to join him someday, he wants him to stay there where he is and, if possible, he wants him to die. has ears to Soviet. As he has everywhere.Turkish tribes will never unite behind Osman. Because it will be very dangerous. It will be so dangerous that … we will not be able to trust you and sit in our houses. We Gentlemen … Ears are not enough to do things here. You need arms. As you know we have arms that are useful. Keep your ears useful, sorry, arms … there where they are. I don’t need them, so you don’t need us, ha? Where is your closest man, Platius, haven’t your Sogiit ears told you? Of course, and we even made preparations to remove Flatius from the Kayi tribe but … remove him from the Kayi tribe? As a sign of our friendship and good intentions, but if you don’t need us … Okay. it that way.

If you can get Flatius out of the Kayi tribe safe and sound … then I’ll see what I can do with you. Okay? You will see what we can do … when Flatius returns alive to your castle. learn to show respect. Stay for dinner, sir. They are very considerate, aren’t they, Helene? They have come here to help me. Helen, do I look stupid? What is their real purpose? after bigger prey, I have to learn what it is. we have a common goal we both want to kill Osman when it comes to the bigger prey … I like big prey you do it. Should I send men after them. ? Helen … Dear Helen … You should have thought that before and acted.

Right? Helen? There will be a real waste, a real waste, neither wealth nor poverty! The real thing is union! And a union means a state! Hu to the state! This is the state gate! It cannot be opened by It cannot be broken by spirits! Men need courage and strong hearts! May our State live long! May the world find a light with him! May our State live long! May the world find a light with him! Now the sword you carry is not yours Now the horse you ride is not yours The fur you sit on is not yours The time is not yours! The place is not yours! The way you walk … the dreams you imagine are not yours our nation lives long! Long live Osman Bey! Long live Osman Bey! KayiFamily.com Osman Bey … This Beylic is the tradition of Oguz Kagan This is the soul of Alparslan … the faith of Kilig Arslan … Suleyman § ah the blood … and the confidence of Ertugrul Gazi May your Beylic be auspicious! May your Beylic be auspicious Thank you, Bamsi Bey. Thank you. Osman Bey, be faithful to t Trust your mind and let your heart move you forward. With you, customs will advance. With you, the state will advance.

With you, the people will advance. From now on, the State is your May the State be victorious! May the State be victorious! Osman Bey, son of Ertugrul Gazi … remember what you said during Bezm-i Elect … remember that before the Rabb of all realms, The Rabb of The Day of Judgment .. . The Efendi of this endless creation. You are nothing but His mere subject. Osman Bey. This sword belonged to Ertugrul Gazi, son of Suleyman Shah. From now on you will carry it. And you will be Commander of the Gazi May Allah never separate you from the path of our cause Aameen! Osman Bey … InshaAllah, you will plant this banner on many castles, many towers, and many cities, Aameen! Thank you, Allah, thank you, Allah. With Holy The 99 names of Allah, which says “Be”. And it does and fills our hearts with faith. I took what my father gave me. And I … carry his sword.

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Kurulus Osman Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles Episode 14
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Kurulus Osman Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles Episode 14
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